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How to know if an iPhone is stolen

How to know if an iPhone is stolen


How to know if a stolen iPhone

iPhone Stolen

The security systems to protect our mobile devices are gradually growing and with the growth of thefts the various companies continue to churn out new protection systems in order to make the devices unusable in case of theft or loss. Apple is always very attentive to the properties of their devices and in the latest versions many functions have been included that protect their devices.

IOS 7 launched theActivation Lock, which allows us lock your Apple device and prevent it from being used in the event of loss or loss. This function is automatically enabled when you activate the Find my iPhone option prevents you from turning off Find My iPhone and prevents both from exiting iCloud but also from initializing and reactivating the device even remotely.

Since the second-hand market is a very profitable source for Apple that in one fell swoop acquires new customers and allows sellers to buy another device, Apple has launched a web service that allows you to control the service status based on IMEI or serial number.

To find the IMEI or serial, just go to Settings> General> Info and then go to the site This is certainly a very useful function in case of theft and that makes the Apple device unusable.

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How to find a lost or stolen iPhone even with low battery

You have to get the Activation Lock mode and the Lost iCloud mode which allows you to send the last known position from your smartphone. To activate it you have to go to Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone and then activate on Send last position.

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