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How to join multiple Word documents together

If you are a heavy Word user, you probably ran into a situation where it would have been convenient to merge multiple Word documents into one main document. Although not very difficult to do in Word, it is not very intuitive.

One would think that Microsoft would have included some merge document functionality in the program considering how many more complicated tasks can be completed. Either way, in this article, I will show you a quick and easy way to combine several Word documents into one document.

It is worth noting that the procedure works on practically all versions of Office from 2007 to 2016. Also, in my tests, it seems that all the formatting was maintained when the documents were combined. However, this was only tested on files that use the same version of Office. I'm not 100% sure if all the formatting will remain if you insert a Word 2007 document into Word 2016.

Merge multiple Word documents

To get started, open the first Word document you want to use as the main file. Next, go to the location in the document where you want to insert the additional Word file. The nice thing about this method is that you can insert additional Word files anywhere in the main file. It doesn't always have to be at the end.

Now, click on the tab insert and click Object .

Now choose the documents you want to insert. You can do it one at a time or you can choose multiple documents simultaneously by holding down the SHIFT key and selecting them.

If you have a particular order in which they need to be placed, do it one at a time. I'm not sure how Word decides which files are placed when you select more than one at a time.

As you can see in the example above, the text of the second Word document starts right where I had the cursor, which was at the end of the first document. All formatting remains for the second document, including bold, bullet, line spacing, text colors, text size, etc.

I even tested a document that contained only images and other elements such as WordArt, graphics, etc. And all these elements have been joined together correctly. Again, you may run into problems if you are merging documents created with different versions of Office. If so, the best option is to open older files in a newer version of Word and save them in the new file format.

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