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How to jailbreak iPad: here is the complete guide

How to jailbreak iPad: here is the complete guide


IPad Jailbreak Guide. How to jailbreak iPad. How to unlock iPad. How to install Cydia iPad. Jailbreak periPad

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Here is the complete and detailed guide to jailbreak on iPad, also with the update to iOS 8 or iOS 8.1.

Do you want to jailbreak your iPad but you don't know how to do it? You have no idea what iljailbreak is? You don't know what iljailbreak? No problem. In this guide we will see what iljailbreak, how iljailbreak works, how to do iljailbreak on iPade all the risks related to jailbreak. A complete guide on the jailbreak of your iPad that will help you understand the meaning of the jailbreak perfectly and will help you decide whether or not to do it on your Apple smartphone.

First of all, what iljailbreak? What is the jailbreak on iPad for?

What iljailbreak? The jailbreak an Apple smartphone unlocking procedure that allows you to install unofficial software on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Specifically, thejailbreak allows you to modify and personalize your iPad to the maximuminstalling software and programs that are not present on the Apple App Store but that are installed via Cydia, the alternative store that collects all those programs that, for one reason or another, have not been approved by Apple and therefore have not entered the App Store.

Maybe you heard it, they told you and I say it too: iljailbreak also allows you to install cracked applications on iPhone, iPod and iPad. In practice with iljailbreak you can download and install for free all the programs, games and applications you want, including those that are normally present on the App Store for a fee. Thanks to ILLEGAL software and various tricks, in fact, with iljailbreak it is possible to download and install for free applications, games and programs in IPA format, including, as mentioned, those that you should normally pay on the App Store. This, of course, illegal since you are going to download free programs that must be paid regularly.

As we said, for, iljailbreak is NOT just for this: iljailbreak was created to personalize your iPad with programs and applications that increase its functionality and completely adapt it to your tastes, all things you could not do without jailbreak. Trivially, in fact, with iljailbreak you can install themes on your iPad, customize animations, add functionality to the Control Center and more, much more, simply by downloading the right tweaks (programs) from Cydia.

After this brief but necessary introduction, we return to us. As anticipated, with today's guide I want to explain you how to jailbreak iPad.This is a simple, fast and automatic operation, but before proceeding, know that there is some risk, which I illustrate below.

iPad jailbreak: what are the risks? Do you lose the guarantee with the jailbreak?

First of all, know that jailbreak is not illegal, but obviously not officially supported by Apple. This means that jailbreak invalidates the iPad warranty. The positive thing that you can "remove" the jailbreak: once the jailbreak is done, in fact, you can completely restore your iPad, remove the jailbreak and restore the warranty. The "negative" thing that if your iPad does not turn on anymore and you have done the jailbreak, you will not be able to remove the jailbreak before bringing the smartphone to service, where they will surely notice the presence of the jailbreak and will hardly give you free assistance. Said this, think carefully before doing the jailbreak: the warranty will be invalidated and not sure that you can restore it in case of need.

You also need to know that some applications, such as Sky Go and Infinity, detect the presence of the jailbreak on iOS devices and prevent the use of their content. For this there is a little trick, because there are the famous "tweaks" of Cydia that allow you to get around these problems. In general, for, some applications may not work properly on iPadjailbreak.

Also, know that after the jailbreak you can install many additional software and tweaks that, in the long run, could slow down and make your iPad unstable. If you do iljailbreak, be very careful with the tweaks that you install and install only from safe sources, to avoid catching viruses, malware and making your iPadjailbreak unusable. In case of problems, however, know that you can always do a restore, remove the jailbreak and make your iPad as fast as it used to be.

If, after these clarifications, you still want to jailbreak on iPad, know only one last thing: I do not take any responsibility for any damage suffered by your iPad in an attempt to put into practice the following indications, so do everything at your own risk and danger.

Now we are really ready: how to jailbreak on iPad?

How to unlock iPad with jailbreak: here is the guide

To unlock the Apple home phone we will use Pangu, a free software compatible with iOS 8.0.x / 8.1.x and with all the iPad models that at the time of writing available only for Windows but should also be released in OS X version.

You will find on this page of YourLifeUpdated all the information and instructions to follow on how to make the jailbreak on iPad:

First steps with an iPadjailbroken

Now that you've done thejailbreak on your iPad,you probably need some information on how to best use your "unlocked" smartphone. All you need to do to enjoy the jailbreak on iPad open Cydia, the alternative store where you will find many tweaks (or programs) that will allow you to customize and push your iPad to the max.

In addition, I strongly advise you to follow these guides that will surely help you in the optimal use of your iPad after the break:

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