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How to install Quicktime 6 English with the 9.2.2 Italian system

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How to install Quicktime 6 english with the system 9.2.2 italian – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has made available for a few days version 6 of its software for viewing, encoding and processing of multimedia. While the version for Mac OS X is naturally multilingual, the Italian one has not yet come out and attempts to install versions with languages several give negative results. Here is a solution found by the reader Massimiliano Pini, reported on our forum.

"I did it …. English QT 6 installed on Mac OS 9.2 Italian. The problem was related to the fact that I had installed English QT 5 which creates a folder under Extensions called "Quicktime Extensions". The 6 installer looks for the folder asking for the name of the system (probably) who replies "Quicktime Extensions" … So if you have Italian and QT 5 English systems, rename "Quicktime Extensions" to "Quicktime Extensions" before launching the QT 6 installer and everything works perfectly … .. "

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