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How to install Provenance emulator on Apple TV

How to install Provenance emulator on Apple TV

When Apple introduced the new Apple TV, many dreamed they could use it to play different video games. Unfortunately, however, the Cupertino set top box never took off in the videogame sector, leaving many of the buyers who hoped they could play with the device made by the Apple with the bitter taste in their mouths. Fortunately, someone has seen fit to create an emulator capable of transforming the Apple TV into a real back console. This is Provenance, the emulator initially created for iOS devices and now also compatible with tvOS. Let's find out how install Provenance emulator on Apple TV.

How to install Provenance emulator on Apple TV and play SNES, GBA and many others

Many of you probably already know Provenance, the emulator able to emulate games from the most popular retro consoles, such as the Game Gear, Sega CD, SNES, NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Sega Genesis.install Provenance emulator on Apple TV 1

In short, it is a real joy for all videogame fans. As you have surely noticed, the app, however, is not present on the App Store. In fact, Apple has adopted a strict policy on emulators, banning them from its official store.

To install Provenance emulator on Apple TV, you will need to follow some steps, which we will explain below.

Before starting, however, you need to know that the loading of Provenance on Apple TV is via the sideload. It therefore implies that using a normal account (not from a developer) the emulator will be stored for only 7 days on the device, after which it will be necessary to repeat the installation procedure again. In our case, instead, we can create a developer accountfree from the Apple site, in this casethe emulator will stay on the Apple TV for a year.

Once you have created your developer account, we follow the following steps:

  1. download the latest version of xCode on Mac;
  2. we connect the Apple TV 4 to the Mac via USB / USB C cable;
  3. open xCode and go to "Source Control" and then "Check Out";install Provenance emulator on Apple TV 2
  4. in the window that opens, we paste the following address in the bottom bar: Provenance emulator on Apple TV 3
  5. let's go ahead and select the option master's degree, and then continue again by pressing the button Next;install Provenance emulator on Apple TV 4
  6. select where to place the folder and download it;
  7. in the list "view"On the left we press on"Provenance"And then up"ProvenanceTV";install Provenance emulator on Apple TV 5
  8. let's change theBundle Identifier"Com.jamsoftonline.Provenance" with com.YOURNAME.Provenance;install Provenance emulator on Apple TV 6
  9. we press on Provenance in the upper bar, next to the stop and play button, after which we press on ProvenanceTV to make it appear on the Apple TV;
  10. Finally, we press the Play button at the top and enter the Developer Account

At this point, we will be ready to use the emulator on the Apple TV

How to upload ROMs to Provenance?

Obviously, once you've seen how to install Provenance emulator on Apple TV, you'll need to install the games. Here's how.

  • We open Provenance and go to "import ROMs"
  • At this point a window will appear with an IP address listed above
  • We write the IP address on the Mac browser and from there we load the roms of the titles in our possession.install Provenance emulator on Apple TV 7
  • we close the internet window from the Mac and as if by magic the games on the Apple TV will appear!

Finally, this way we could use our Apple TV to play the games that made video game history!

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