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How to install OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC

How to install OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC

Probably all Mac users have already installed the new operating system on their deviceOS X El Capitan they already enjoy the advantages of the latest version of OS X. But in addition to Mac users, after seeing the guide to install OS X Yosemitesu Pc, there are those who want to delight in all the new features of OS X El Capitan also on your PC.

After the release of El Capitan, the powerful tool UniBeast been updated to support the installation of OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC. Below we propose the step-by-step guide to help you run all the processes for installing OS X El Capitan on your PC. Now also possible to install MacOS Sierra on the PC. If you are interested, read the guide on how to install MacOS Sierra Hackintosh on Pc.

Requirements to install OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC

  • Access to a Mac to download OS X El Capitan from the Mac App Store, and prepare the UniBeast USB drive, which is required for final installation.
  • A USB pendrive with a capacity of at least 16 GB is recommended. The USB drive will be formatted and any documents or files contained in it will be deleted.
  • An Intel-based PC capable of running OS X El Capitan (you can check the compatibility of your hardware here).
  • It is always advisable to make a complete backup of the system before attempting to install it. In this way you have the possibility to go back to a working installation if there were problems during the process.
  • The PC hard disk will be formatted, so make sure you have stored all your data.

The guide to install OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC

Step 1:To install OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC you must first obtain a copy of OS X by El Capitan from the Mac App Store. Launch the Mac App Store on Mac OS X and download El Capitan using your Apple ID. Don't worry about costs, free: Download OS X El Capitan 10.11 for your Mac now.

OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC 1

Step 2: Download the latest version (version 6.0.1 at the time of writing) by UniBeast which currently available on the site tonymacx86 and you can download it from here.

Step3: Now that he has released OS X El Capitan and a copy of the latest version of UniBeast, it is necessary to create a bootable USB flash drive that contains the El Capitan installation customized for the OS X El Capitan Hackintosh installation on PC. Connect the USB drive to your Mac and launch the Disk Utility application in OS X. Select the corresponding USB drive in the information pane on the left side of Disk Utility.

OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC 2

Step 4: Make sure the Partition tab is selected from the top menu, then click Current in the Partitions Layout menu and select Partition 1 dalmena descent.

step5: Click the Options … button that appears below the Partition box. Make sure the option GUID Partition Table siaselezionata. Click on OK to continue and close the panel.

Step 6: The main interface contains a section entitled "Partition Information". Within this section, click on the Format drop-down menu and make sure that Mac OS Extended (Journaled) selected. Click on apply and then on Partition.

OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC 3Step 7: Locate the executable file UniBeast which was downloaded in the previous step 2 and run. If you receive some kind of daltool error, make sure that the OS X El Capitan installer that was downloaded from the Mac App Store is in the folder / Applications. The installer should be calledInstall OS X El UniBeast by default searches for this position and will provide an error if it does not appear.

OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC 4

Step 8: Go to the first screens UniBeast until you have the opportunity to choose the USB drive in “DestinationSelect". Select the correct USB drive that you have placed in Disk Utility and then click Keep it going.

OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC 5

Passo9: On the screen "InstallazionType", Choose El Capitan and click Keep it going.

OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC 6

Step 10: In the bootloader configuration screen, select UEFI Boot Mode or Legacy Boot Mode. Click on Keep it going.

Step 11: An optional step; You can configure the inGraphics Configuration screen display option. Click on Keep it going to finalize the selection.

Passo12: Check the options chosen and click Keep it going. You will be asked to provide administrator privileges, so when prompted, enter the Mac administrator password, and click Install.

Provided the installation program is in the folder / Applications, UniBeast will create the bootable USB drive. Once the process is complete, the unit will contain a working version of the latest OS X El Capitan which can then be used to install the operating system on a compatible PC, which must be based on an Intel processor.

Passo13: Now let's move on to the part concerning the PC procedure. Insert the newly created USB drive into the PC port and make sure that the computer to which you want to install Hackintosh is set to boot from USB via the BIOS settings.

Step 14: Turn on your PC and boot it from the USB reader. When you get to the Clover startup screen, choose the Mac OS X boot from USB. After loading the OS X installation, set the desired language from the available options.

step 15: Now you need to format the destination drive where you are going to install El Capitan. From the top menu bar, click Utilities> Disk Utility.

Step 16: Select the destination hard drive from the left panel and then click on the button Clear. Name the target Macintosh HD disk (you can call it as you want, but it is better to respect Apple's HDD naming conventions), and make sure that the format chosen is OS X Extended (Journaled). Select GUID Partition Map.

Item 17: Click on Clear. Once done, close the Disk Utility window and install El Capitan on the destination hard drive.

Now, once the installation of OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC is complete, the PC automatically restarts, but does not boot in OS X as long as the system drive has not yet been booted.

Step 18: With the computers, it starts once again with the USB drive inserted. When you get to the Clover screen, this time select Mac OS X from the Macintosh HD options. When prompted, complete the installation of OS X El Capitan according to the instructions on the screen. Now you can enjoy OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC.

OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC 7

important to note that, since MultiBeast 8.0 not yet ready, it will be necessary to start El Capitan on the Hackintosh PC each time using the USBUS unit, as explained in the previous step18. When MultiBeast 8.0 is ready for El Capitan, you will no longer need to boot OS X using the El Capitan USB Installer.We will update this guide when MultiBeast 8.0 is released for OS X El Capitan.

I hope that this guide to install OS X El Capitan Hackintosh on PC has been clear, if you encounter problems, do not hesitate to contact us via comments.