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How to install mac OS Sierra on a PC with VMware

How to install mac OS Sierra on a PC with VMware

Apple releasedmac OS Sierra, this version of the Mac operating system has introduced some new features. With Sierra, Siri finally makes its debut on Mac. In addition to being revised and designed for desktop use, the voice assistant offers a series of new features to speed up your work on the Mac. If you are reading this guide, because, having a Windows PC, you want turn it into a MacBook, or at least, you want to use the Mac software on your Windows laptop. Therefore, the purpose of this guide is to install mac OS Sierra on a PC with VMware.

In this site we have often talked about how to install Mac on Windows and as you can see in this other guide, we have also shown the procedure to install OS X El Capitan on PC with Virtualbox.

The one shown is an excellent solution to be able to use all the features of a Mac without owning one. In this guide, instead, I would like to show you how install mac OS Sierra on a PC with VMware.If you want to install the latest version of the Apple operating system on your PC with Windows installed, read this guide:

Unlike the previous method, which used VirtualBox for virtualized macOS, in this guide we will use VMware. After a series of tests I performed on a Windows machine (to be precise, a Dell XPS 15), I came to the conclusion that VMware manages to virtualize better MacOS. Through VirtualBox, in fact, I noticed many slowdowns that made the use of the computer unusable. VMware instead it solves these problems, providing us with a fast and reactive machine.

There are two versions of VMware for Windows. The first, called VMware player, totally free. The second one, called VMware workstation Pro, a paid version that offers more features. I advise you to try the free version by downloading it from this link. In case you need more features, you can download the workstation version via the official website.

Install mac OS Sierra on a PC with VMware

Creating the virtual machine

  • Download and install VMware Player on your Windows PC.
  • Download mac OS Sierra via this link. In the event that you receive an error message that informs you that the maximum download limit has been reached, click on the file with the right button and then select Create a copy. At this point on the left sidebar select My drive, search for the file related to macOS and start the download on your PC.
  • Download the tools needed for installation from this link.
  • At the end of the operating system download, extract the contents of the compressed file macOS 10.12 Sierra (if you don't have a file to manage rar files, you should download the free Winrar software.)
  • Now also extract the contents of the archive Patch Tool downloaded previously.
  • Open the newly extracted folder, right-click on the file win-install.cmd and select Run as administrator.

install mac OS Sierra on a PC with VMware 1

  • Wait for all operations to be completed.
  • Now start the previously installed VMware program. Select Create new virtual mahine.
  • Fill in the fields by entering Apple Mac OS X as a guest OS and selecting Mac OS X 10.11 or 10.12 as the operating system version.

install mac OS Sierra on a PC with VMware 2

  • In the field related to the name instead type macOS 10.12 Sierra.

install macOS Sierra on a PC with VMware 3

Virtual machine configuration

  • Confirm the virtual machine parameters and confirm. You will be taken back to the main VMware screen. Search for the virtual machine just created and select Edit Virtual Machine Setting.
  • Select Hard Disk (SATA) X GB (the X is replaced by the size assigned to the disk, in my case 40) and then clicked Remove.

install mac OS Sierra on a PC with VMware 4

  • Now click on Add -> Hard Disk -> SATA and select Use an Existing Virtual Disk.
  • Search and open the virtual machine file mac OS Sierra.vmdk previously extracted.

install mac OS Sierra on a PC with VMware 5

  • Click on Next and then configures the amount of RAM to be assigned to the virtual machine and the number of processor cores. I advise you to assign half of the available RAM on your PC and half of the cores. An acceptable configuration can be with 4GB of RAM and 2 cores.
  • Now open the folder DocumentsVirtual Machines / macOS 10.12 Sierra.
  • Right click on the file macOS 10.12 Sierra.vmx and select Open with -> Notepad.
  • Copy and paste the following line at the end of the file:

smc.version = "0"

  • Save the file and close it.
  • Now start the virtual machine. To do this open VMware, select the macOS Sierra virtual machine and click on the Play button.
  • When the upload is complete, select Player -> Removable Devices -> CD / DVD (SATA) -> Settings.

install macOS Sierra on a PC with VMware 6

  • In the settings that will open, select the item Use ISO Image file, then the button Browse and open the file VM Tool which is located in the folder containing the tools downloaded at the beginning of the guide.
  • A new disk will appear on the Mac called VMware Tools. Start the installation of the tools following the guided procedure.

After seeing how to install mac OS Sierra on a PC with VMware you will have everything you need to start using mac OS Sierra on your Windows PC.


As you may have noticed, a long series of steps are required to install mac OS Sierra on a PC with VMware. To make the guide more understandable, many explanatory images have been included showing the steps to be performed.

Despite this, I understand that it may be difficult for some users to implement these procedures. For this reason, if you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact me via the comments in this article.