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How to install firmware Box TV with Rockchip processor

How to install firmware Box TV with Rockchip processor

If you bought a Android TV box with Rockchip processor, as you know, you can update it to new firmware versions that are made available by the manufacturer, to make improvements to the system. So, you too can find yourself in the position of having to install Box TV firmware because a new version has been released by the manufacturer. it is always advisable to update to the latest version of a firmware, because updates always make some improvements to the device and can also correct annoying bugs.

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  1. A PC with Windows installed.
  2. The firmware with extension .img compatible with your TV Box. If you don't know where to look for it, I suggest you check the manufacturer's official website.
  3. The tool Factory Tool v1.39 which you can download from this link.
  4. The generic drivers for Rockchip TV Boxes that you can download from this link.
  5. A USB-USB cable to connect your TV Box with Rockchip processor to the PC.
  6. Before proceeding, I advise you to backup the data present on the TV Box, as at the end of the procedure the device will be formatted with the loss of all the contents.

Install Box TV firmware with Rockchip processor

Note: hold the button inside the hole for the duration of the procedure.

Factory Tool-2

Factory Tool-1

Factory Tool-3The first start after the installation of a new firmware can take a few minutes. Now all you have to do is complete the configuration and start using all the new versions of the Android TV Box with Rockchip processor. This procedure to install Box TV firmware, you can also use it with the TV Box NexBox Z68of which you can read our review.

If you encounter problems or need clarifications, you can do so by writing a comment at the end of this article.