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How to install applications with unknown origins on Android Guide

Installare applicazioni con origini sconosciute

It is not uncommon to come across experimental apps, perhaps in testing or not yet enabled on the Google Play Store. Often the installation of these applications cannot be carried out following the classic mechanisms typical of any other app, since it directly possesses the installation file, the execution of which is commonly stopped by Android. This is done in a security mode that protects the system from any applications with unknown origins.

How to install applications with unknown origins

If you happened to install an apk, getting a pop-up window with the block of the same, know that despite the "firewalls" in Android, it is possible install applications with unknown sources. Obviously through the enabling of the system permissions that are present within the device settings. The activation of the same, notoriously not known by everyone and especially by those who have little experience with Android, implies an understanding of what we are going to do.

What are apps with unknown origins

Before proceeding to illustrate how to install applications of unknown origins, it is important to understand what is hidden under this term coined to indicate ".apk" files whose origin is unknown, a problem that opens the door to the lack of security for content, notoriously scanned by the Google Play Store when accessing the download from the official store, towards which Google has imposed a non-definitive and modifiable block in a few steps.

Install apps with unknown sources

Once you get an ".apk" file, copied to any directory in the storage internal or the microSD, before accessing it through any file manager enabling installation:

  • You will have to go to the "Settings" panel and orient yourself to "Apps and notifications";
  • Among the available items, and in this specific case of your interest, you will find under the "Advanced" drop-down menu the option "Special access to apps";
  • On the next screen you will need to tap on “Install unknown apps"And you will be faced with a list of apps, from which you can tick the option to enable the installation of applications from external sources.

Once this parameter is set, you can switch to the installation of any app, through various sources, with a significant advantage in case of lack of internet access or if you want to test particular applications, remembering forever to pay attention to the origin of the files used with regard to the data on the installation device.

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