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How to increase the autonomy of your Android smartphone in seconds

In this article I want to show you a little trick to increase the autonomy of your Android smartphone in seconds. I want to clarify, however, that you will not magically have 2 or 3 hours of autonomy in more: get this result practically impossible nowadays, except for serious problems on your smartphone (apps that cause battery drain or damaged battery). This advice, combined with other good practices to increase battery life, can earn you several minutes of use.

The trick I will show you is to change the type of network to which your smartphone connects. Specifically, we will go to disable the connection to the 4G network given that in many situations the negligible increase in speed: the gain in terms of autonomy, in my opinion, is absolutely worth the loss of a few megs of speed.

increase android smartphone battery by deactivating 4g

How to disable 4G on Android smartphones to increase autonomy

The simple procedure to follow and in a few seconds you can start reducing energy consumption. The steps to follow are these:

  • Go to I.settings> Connections> Mobile networks;
  • Once you have entered the Mobile Networks section, tap on ?Network mode";
  • Select the settings you prefer: my advice is to switch from the default choice (?4G / 3G / 2G") to "3G / 2G".

I ran these steps on a Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 10: as the version changes, the items may have slightly different names, although this setting has been present on Android since the dawn of time. In case of problems do not hesitate to ask for help through the comments!

If any passage is not clear to you I suggest you watch this video in which in less than 15 seconds we show you how to disable 4G on your Android smartphone.

Is 4G worth turning off? The pros and cons of this choice

Disabling the connection to the 4G network certainly has a positive impact on the battery life of smartphones.

The main reason that although the vast majority of Italian territory is covered, the quality and strength of the 4G signal are not always the best: in the municipality where I live (province of Como) with Iliad they are always between 2 and 3 notches. The power, or the number of notches, of the 3G signal is decidedly greater on the whole national territory, therefore your phone will have less effort to remain connected to the signal.

Also, based on first-person tests, abandoning the 4G network while traveling at high speed improves battery autonomy. In this scenario, in fact, you go from one cell to another many times: the coverage of the signal by a single non-infinite antenna and switching from one to the other requires a lot of energy, especially in 4G.

We must take into account that abandoning 4G means reducing our connection speed. The difference is not noticeable when reading articles and sending messages through the main messaging apps, but if you often watch videos outside the home you could run into hateful buffering.

Have you chosen to disable 4G or the faster browsing speed essential for you? Let us know through the comments!