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How to import images into the Photos app for Mac

How to import images into the Photos app for Mac

If you want to import images into the app Photoinstalled on your Mac, in this guide we show you how to do it. With OS X 10.10.3 the new app was introduced Photo which replaces both iPhoto that Openings. Lapp Photos for Mac a simple photo management tool, which has many useful functions for users to manage, optimize and improve their shots.

Lapp Photos for Macnot a simple update of the previous app iPhoto, but a new app project written from scratch, with hundreds of new features, including access to iCloud Photo, which means that all the photos taken on iPhone and iPad will now be synchronized and will be manageable even from the Mac thanks to iCloud.Photos for Mac 1

One of the most useful features of the app Photo the one that allows an image that is edited on the iPhone, iPad or Mac to synchronize all the changes made on the other devices (something that did not happen with iPhoto).

The design of Photos for Macis very close to the app for mobile devices. However, before you can start using the app on your Mac, you need to import all the images. Fortunately this operation is very simple and, after having done this, you can start organizing the photos and editing them using the tool incorporated in the app.Photos for Mac 2

How to import images into Photos for Mac

One thing to keep in mind before importing images into Photo that if you haveiCloud Photo Library enabled, each imported photo will be automatically synchronized on the iPhone and iPad. The photos will not occupy the internal memory of the iPhone but will occupy that of iCloud, so if you want to have your photos on Mac only, make sure to turn off iCloud Photo Library on your Mac.

  • To do this, open the app Photo and click on the writing Photo present in the men bar at the top left.
  • SelectPreferences and uncheckCopy items to the Photos library.

This way, each imported photo will not be uploaded to iCloud. If instead you want to keep everything synchronized, then leave things as they are and proceed with the guide.

Photos for Mac 3

Finally, to import images into Photo follow these steps:

  • From the men bar selectFile -> It matters.
  • A Finder window will be shown from which you will need to look for the folder where the images you want to import are located. Select the folder and click on Review for importation.
  • All your photos will appear in a grid and you can select the photos you want to import into the app.
  • To import the selection, simply click on Import selected present in the upper right corner. To import all the photos click instead Import all new items.

If you enableiCloud Photo Library it will take some time for all the images to be uploaded to iCloud and synchronized with the other devices. In any case, the photos will already be editable and you can start organizing them on your Mac.