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How to import Gmail Contacts into Outlook

How to import Gmail Contacts into Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a very flexible email service and can be used in conjunction with any other email account like Gmail or Yahoo. If you have this need to use different email clients, it can be useful to know that you can import Gmail contacts into Outlook to make it easier to send emails with another account.

Do you know how to import Gmail contacts into Outlook? If you are not really an expert on these procedures, I suggest you continue reading this article, because in this guide you will find the step by step procedure to import Gmail Contacts into Outlook.

How to import Gmail Contacts into Outlook

In case you have to use a new e-mail client other than GMail, there are many users who add contacts together with e-mail addresses one by one on their new account. Most of them are not aware that in GMail an easy option called "Export”Which allows you to make this migration. S can easily import Gmail contacts into Outlook or to other email clients like Thunderboltsenza copy them one by one. Let's see how to import Gmail contacts into Outlook.

Export contacts from Gmail

To start the process of exporting contacts from Gmail to Outlook, go to your GMail account and click "GMail" top left. From there, in the drop-down menu, choose the option "Contacts". Now, click on the "Other", Last item of the menu and click on"Export". You can export all Gmail contacts to Outlook or only selected contacts. Attention, because currently this function is not supported by the new version of the "Google Contacts", and a popup invites you to go back to the previous version to export the Contacts.

After switching to the previous version of "Google Contacts", click on "Other"Which you find at the top and then click on"Export". Choose if you want to export only a group of Contacts or "All Contacts". At this point select the format in which to export the contacts. In our case choose "Outlook CSV format… ..". To save the contact, click on "Export".

Using Microsoft Excel, you can open the exported Gmail Contacts file and make any changes you think necessary. You can add addresses, phone numbers and other necessary information to your contacts, so as to give a professional touch to the various cards. Once you have taken this step, the next step is to export these contacts to your Microsoft Outlook account.

Import Outlook Contacts

After saving the Contacts from GMail, let's see how to import them into Outlook. To import contacts from GMail in Outlook it is first necessary to go to your Microsoft Outlook account. After that, select "File">"Import / Export”To open the Contact Import / Export wizard.

From the screen of the import and export wizard, choose the "import using some other program or file"And then press the" buttonCome on". In the option to import files, select the option "Comma separated values"And click the" button againCome on".

In Options, you need to choose "Don't import duplicates"From the source file, to avoid importing duplicate contacts into Microsoft Outlook. On the next screen, choose the location where you saved the imported file that contains contacts from Gmail. Once done, complete the process. Your Gmail contacts will be successfully imported into your Microsoft Outlook account.


Import Outlook Contacts into Gmail or other clients an excellent option when necessary to use Microsoft Outlook contacts in GMail. You may need to work with multiple email accounts and keep all your contacts in any other email account.