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How to hide the default iPhone apps without Jailbreak.

How to hide the default iPhone apps without Jailbreak.


Here is a simple guide on how to hide some of the pre-installed apps on the iPhone / iPod.

Apple as we well know famous for its obsessive attention to detail, this of course also applies to the pre-installed applications that we find in the iPhone / iPod / iPad. But inevitably as well as these applications may be, there will always be some that we will not use. Well, today we show you a way to hide them without needing to make any type of modification (jailbreak). The procedure is very simple, but above all completely reversible, as explained by AppDevice.

The guide compatible with both iOS 6 and iOS 5:

  1. First of all we will have to open Safari from our iPhone / iPod and go to the address
  2. Now we will have to scroll through the list of applications and choose the one we want to hide
  3. Touch the icon containing the app that we want to hide: when a warning pop-up appears, click on Install
  4. The installation will fail, but don't worry, all normal. When the Unable to Download Application message appears, click Done. The application you have chosen to hide will now have a gray icon with the loading bar
  5. In the end you must touch and hold the icon of the app you want to delete and click on the X in the upper left to permanently remove the aforementioned icon

The procedure can be performed on all apps pre-installed on iOS. It is also recommended not to hide the App Store icon, because it will not be possible to hide icons from other apps.

As said at the beginning, the totally reversible procedure: it will be sufficient to restart the device and as if by magic all the icons will return to their usual place.

This could be annoying because it forces you to repeat the procedure every time the iPhone / iPad is restarted, but it also allows you to restore these apps in a very simple way. And then, fortunately, restarting an iDevice is a procedure that is done very rarely.

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