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How to hide and not display the time of last access to WhatsApp on iPhone | Cydia


How to prevent friends from seeing the time of our last access to WhatsApp on iPhone

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No doubt WhatsApp one of the most popular and used programs of the past few months.

With WhatsApp, in fact, it is possible to send messages (but not only) to all users who use the application completely free of charge, without spending a single penny, using the internet connection. The software available for a fee for iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and soon also for BlackBerry 10: practically anyone with a smartphone can download and use WhatsApp.

Despite the many advantages and advantages of WhatsApp, there is a small mole linked to the program: anyone who is among our contacts can view the time of our last access to WhatsApp. It will therefore be impossible to lie on this aspect, because the hours of ours last access to public WhatsApp and anyone can easily see it by going to our profile.

So if you want too hide the time of last access to WhatsApp, here is the guide for you. The only drawback: the guide in question is valid only for iPhone with jailbreak.

Having said that, let's see together immediately how to hide the time of last access to WhatsApp on iPhone.

If you also want to protect your privacy on WhatsApp and you have an iPhone, in this guide, as anticipated, we will see how to hide the time of our last access to everyone.

Let's begin!

First of all, download the free program from CydiaWhatsApp LSeen TimeStamp.

By downloading and installing the tweak, you can finally make sure that your last visit on WhatsApp is hidden from everyone, automatically. You won't have to do anything else. If you want, however, from the tweak settings you can also act manually to enable, hide or change the entry regarding the time of your last access to WhatsApp.

If you want to protect your privacy on WhatsApp to hide from everyone what you have used the program for the last time, I strongly recommend that you run to download the tweak.

If interested, find it WhatsApp LSeen TimeStampin Cydia Store available for free in the repo ofBigBoss.



The previous guide, as mentioned, only applies to those who have the jailbreak. Those who do not have it, here is how they can do it.

Self you simply want to read a messagereserving the right to reply whenever you want, thefunctionthat indicatesdate and time of your last action on WhatsAppit may not be exactly ideal for your privacy.

So there is asetting,which often goes unnoticed, which allows fordisabling the online presence notification service,allowing us to eliminate the annoying text stringLast Visit xxx at yy: yy.

How to do? Simple!

Go to

Settings> Chat settings> Advanced settings

isdisable the toggleDate and time of the last time online.

In this way you can prevent anyone from viewing the notification of online presence and you will return to having some privacy to manage your WhatsApp messages.

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