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How to have Windows 7 on iPad with Onlive Desktop!

How to have Windows 7 on iPad with Onlive Desktop!


In the era of cloud computing here is an interesting app for iPad, Onlive Desktop brings Windows 7 and the Office suite to iPad!

An interesting application arrives in the era of cloud computing that reinforces the expansion of this new technology if we want to call it this or a new way of conceiving the computer.

Onlive Desktop offers a desktop with Windows 7 and the entire Office suite on your iPad! Just download the application and get a free account to start Windows 7 on your iPad in seconds! With Onlive Desktop you don't have to worry about the installation of the system and the problems of space required for the installation of Windows 7 because Onlive Desktop offers you the desktop, the office suite and many other functions of Windows 7 using the key computer.

The application connects to a server on which Windows 7 "runs" and the tablet acts as a terminal displaying the desktop. Imagine it as a sort of movie streaming! The application works both in WiFi and 3G and requires a bandwidth of about 1.5 Mbps to avoid slowdowns. There is a paid version that allows you to browse by viewing the sites with the flash player!

You can download the application for free directly from the app store, here is the link (just click on the image)

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