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How to get the maximum Google Pixel experience on your Android phone

How to get the maximum Google Pixel experience on your Android phone

The new Google Pixel smartphones have gained some popularity since its launch. Top-notch hardware, unique design and the latest Android update have ensured that people take note of the first "Google-made" phones. However, what really increased the popularity of Google Pixel was the exclusivity of the features. Yes, the new Pixel devices come with some really interesting exclusive features, which are not even available for Nexus devices.

We are certainly impressed by the unique features of Google Pixel and, if you are too, you have to ask yourself if there is a way to get the Pixel functions on your Android smartphone. Well, as you may have guessed, this article is all about how you can get Pixel features on any Android device. Before moving on, let's take a look at the Google Pixel news.

Note : you should be able to get various Pixel functions if you use Android 7.0, 6.0 and even 5.0. We have mentioned the specific requirements for each function. If you are root, it will be super easy for you. However, there are some features that do not require root.

Google Pixel news?

Google Pixel the first phone supplied with Android 7.1. However, as mentioned above, there are many unique features only for Pixel. Here is a short list of exclusive features:

  • Pixel Launcher
  • Google Assistant
  • Unlimited Google Photos backup
  • New Support tab in Settings with screen sharing functionality
  • Google Camera App with EIS 2.0 and many new features of Pro photography
  • Background selection with new backgrounds and sounds
  • Smart Storage: automatically remove old backup photos / videos
  • Android 7.1

So, this is a fairly elegant list of exclusive features for Pixel. We can get some of these features on our phone. So let's dig.

1. Start the animation

When I started rooting and customizing my Android devices, changing the startup animation was one of the things I liked. Every new Android iteration introduces a new startup animation to keep us entertained. However, I wasn't very happy with what we had on Android Nougat. I think the startup animation of Marshmallow is better, but we really like the startup animation of Google in Pixel.


  • Rooted device
  • Android 5.0 and later versions

We will install the Pixel startup animation via a flashable zip file . So, you can install it through a custom recovery. Or you can simply enter it in the root folder of your device as explained here. Now I'm here two startup animations . One with a black background and the other with white. So choose accordingly.

Download link: Android Nougat Boot Animation

Source: from PlayerZ_ZawZaw on XDA.

2. Pixel Launcher

Coming on the launcher that was specially developed for simplicity and ease of use – Pixel Launcher. It doesn't show any features to get excited about, but its sleek design should be attractive enough for average users. The quick gesture to open the app drawer and the quick search for apps are very useful. The Google search bar is replaced with a more eloquent Google logo at the top left. And, besides being user-friendly, I should say that it's easy even with the battery.

The APK available on APKMirror and you can download it and install it on your device. However, before doing so, make sure you enable " Unknown origins "in Settings-> Security . Also, the launcher may not work well on all Android devices, so keep your expectations low.


  • Android 5.0 and later versions

Download link: Pixel Launcher (APK)

3. Google Assitant

Google Assistant one of those exclusive features that makes Google Pixel a smartphone to be purchased. The voice assistant replaced Google Now and while we had a taste of Allo, the assistant in all respects much more intelligent and functional. You can use it as a health expert, weather forecast journalist, like Wikipedia, travel guide or just have fun with games. The opportunities are endless, as Google starts to launch new updates for this.

Well, it turns out that this Pixel Only feature can easily be enabled on your Android 7.0 phone with few modifications. We have already shared a guide on how to enable Google Assitant on your phone, so you should check it out. Also, if you use it, try some fun Google Assistant tricks.


  • Android 7.0 and later versions
  • Rooted device

4. Pixel-style navigation bar

The other interesting change we see the navigation bar at the bottom. The icons are now filled with white and the bottom of the house has a new circular design. It also displays an animation when the Google Assistant is activated.

Well, you can get this navigation bar on your Android without root. There is also a root method. But here we will show you the non-root one. We will use an app called Navbar Apps, which allows you to set custom images for your navigation bar and, therefore, we will create custom image of the Pixel navigation bar . However, please note that the ability to set custom images in the navigation bar only available in the paid version of the app.

The image size of the navigation bar must match that of your smartphone. You can check it out taking a screenshot or the Navbar app will show you the size .

Now, make sure you use an image editing tool that supports editing transparent as shown above. a screenshot made on Photoshop for my 1080p display phone. I will link my image below in the downloads. So, if your device has a 1080p screen, you can use it for your phone. However, you will need to make sure the height is correct. The 1080x144px size. Also, the image format should be PNG . And, you will also need to create a navigation bar for horizontal mode.

So, after creating the image, you just have to upload it to the app. And select the custom image.

You will get more information in the linked source below.


  • Android 5.0 and later versions
  • Image editing tool like Photoshop or similar

Download link: App Navbar | 1080p Navbar PNG image.

Source: from FaserF on XDA

5. Google Phone Dialer

Android 7.1 on Google Pixel offers a new dialer, which includes a new caller user interface that matches that of Google Duo.

Unfortunately, the new dialer app it cannot be installed on non-Nexus devices . The latest APK update available on APK Mirror. But it won't be installed.

So, there is a solution that you can apply on the phone. a flashable zip file that contains the framework needed to install the app . The zip file contains the APK, which will be installed as a system app. The download link below contains Phone Dialer V5.1, available on Pixel. However, you'll need to flash through a custom recovery on a rooted Android device.


  • Android 6.0 and later
  • Rooted device
  • Custom restore to flash zip file

Download link: Google Phone Dialer V5.1 with Framework

Source: from fadeout on XDA

From the source above, you can also download other previous versions of the Google Dialer app, if the current one seems damaged on your phone. Subsequently, it is necessary to provide the necessary authorizations of the app so that it can read the contacts. therefore possible setting up further as a default dialer (if desired).

6. Google camera

Google has released its latest and greatest update for Google Camera during the N preview and pre-installed on the new Pixel devices. The new camera app update offers a number of fantastic changes and additions. Here are the news:

  • New layout of the settings flattened
  • New zoom animation when you touch a photo to view it from the viewfinder
  • New look for the Timer / HDR / Flash switches
  • New HDR "processing" animation
  • You can now specify the volume key action: Shutter (default), Zoom or Volume
  • Now you can scroll from left to right to extract the menu.
  • The navigation buttons dim slightly when you open the app.

The APK for Google Camera v4.1 available for download but with a small warning. Only works on Android 7.0+ devices . And, there is no way to make it work on older devices.


  • Operating system: Android 7.0 and later

Download link: Google Camera V4.1

7. Pixel Icon Pack

Well, it won't be a Pixel experience without the perfect icon pack. Android 7.1 on Pixel presents rounded icons, which look pretty good. The good news is that on the Play Store there is a pack icon that reproduces the new rounded Pixel icons. However, you'll need to use a third-party launcher like Nova, which lets you edit icon packages. We recommend using Nova Launcher, as it also carries Nougat's rounded folder styles.


  • Android 4.0 and later versions

Download link: Pixel Icon Pack

8. Pixel backgrounds

Well, you may have noticed that the wallpaper option in Pixel Launcher stops abnormally when touched. Well, that's because you have to have the new Google backgrounds app. With this app, you get different backgrounds in different categories and a feature for update your home screen every day with a new background. The Wallpapers app available on Play Store.


  • Android 4.1 and later

Download link: Google wallpapers

9. Quick touches inspired by 3D touch

Android 7.1 offers a 3D Touch Like feature that provides links to apps when you long press an app icon. You can easily get this functionality by entering the Nova Launcher Beta program. The latest Beta version of Nova Launcher (version 5.0-beta8) contains shortcuts for apps similar to Pixel . So, all you need to do is enter the beta program from Play Store. Otherwise, you can also take the .apk from APKMirror.


  • Android 4.1 and later

Download link: Play Store | APK mirror

Get Pixel Experience on your Android device

Android entirely dedicated to customizing and perfecting different features. And this is what we did here. Android updates have always been a problem and there is a good chance that most of us will not get the Android 7.1 update and some fantastic Pixel features will remain exclusive. So, if you want Android 7.1 features or exclusive Pixel features, the above methods are the best solution. Well, that's all on our side, let us know if you have any questions and share your experience with various Pixel features.

Featured image courtesy: Flickr