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How to get the iPhone X Watch Android devices

How to get the iPhone X Watch Android devices

When the iPhone X was introduced by Apple during the annual September event, it caused a radical change in the design that people have anticipated for the past three years. To begin with, something was missing that every single iPhone had in the past 10 years. True, we are talking about the company's iconic home button that has been removed for a frameless design. Instead of the Home button, there is now a new notch at the top of the screen that houses the sensors for Face ID, secondary camera, microphone, speakers and proximity sensors. Well, this could become iconic like the Home button if Apple decides to keep the notch in upcoming iPhones. Well, if you're not willing to shell out a thousand dollars on the new iPhone X, but want to experience what it feels like to own Apple's latest and largest flagship smartphone, let's take a look at how to get the iPhone X look and feel. on Android devices:

Get iPhone X Notch on Android devices

Note: the I tried on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and it worked perfectly. It is worth noting that the notch adds no functionality other than giving you the iconic appearance of the iPhone X.

This was made possible with the help of a third party Android application called XOutOf10 developed by Ido Ideas. Basically, it adds the notch to the top of the display and you can easily turn it on or off in seconds. So, simply follow the steps below to bring up the iPhone X in the blink of an eye:

  • Once you've downloaded and installed the app from the Google Play Store, open it and tap "If the first time, Allow drawing on apps" . Now, in the Settings section, be sure to assign all permissions to the app, how to let it display the notch on the lock screen, boot in the background, and pop-up window display.

  • This essentially makes the notch appear every time you use the phone, regardless of whether you are using any app. As for the appearance, the notch looks really decent in my opinion, at least on the unframed Mi Mix. However, I think it will look strange on unframed phones without displays.

Get the iPhone X home screen as Android devices

Now that you've virtually added the iPhone X notch to your Android phone, let's take a look at how to get the iPhone X home screen on your smartphone. The procedure is a little complicated, but you will be able to configure it in a few minutes. So, simply follow the steps below to get this result without any confusion:

  • First, you need to install Nova Launcher (some options may require Nova Launcher Prime – $ 4.99) on your Android device. Once installed, set Nova Launcher as the default launcher on your device. So open up Nova Settings and go up Desktop -> Desktop grid . Now, choose the 6 x 4 grid to make it similar to the iPhone X and tap "Done" once completed.

  • Next we will have to increase the size of the app icons. To do this, go up Desktop -> Icon layout is set "Icon size" to 150% by moving the cursor to the right.

  • Now, we need to customize the dock for our launcher. This can be easily done by going up Dock -> Dock background . In the menu, select "Rectangle" for the shape and choose "White" as Color content. In addition to this, adjust the transparency to 50% to make it similar to the iPhone X.

  • In the same Dock submenu, you can also change the number of icons on a dock page. To make it look like the iPhone X, use 4 icons for your launcher dock.

  • This is the last but also the most important step, especially because we will use the iOS-style icons for our launcher. To make this possible, you need to download TrueiOS – Icon Pack (free) from the Google Play Store. Once installed, you will need to select this icon pack in Nova Settings by going to Appearance -> Icon Theme -> TrueiOS Icon Pack .

After fixing all the iOS-style icons and downloading this wallpaper for iPhone X, your phone will look quite similar to Apple's latest premium flagship, especially if you have a frameless Android smartphone just like this.

Get X angles similar to iPhone X on Android devices

If you've noticed the new iPhone X carefully, you've probably noticed the fact that the display fits perfectly in the corners to fit the body. The same can be said for frameless Android smartphones such as the Galaxy S8, Mi Mix 2, Note 8, LG G6, LG V30, Pixel 2 XL, etc. However, if you don't have a device with a rounded display, there is nothing to worry about because on the Google Play Store there is an app that can simulate these rounded corners . It's called Roundr ed currently available for free . Once installed, make sure you've enabled the feature in the app's settings and you're good to go.

Sports The iPhone X Watch your Android phone

If you use an Android device, you don't have to pay a single penny to know what the new iPhone X looks like, thanks to multiple third-party applications. With Nova Launcher, XOutOf10 and Roundr, you can make sure that your phone's display is as close as possible to the iPhone X. So, are you ready to get the iconic iPhone X on your Android phone to deceive your friends? Let us know your views on the procedure by dropping your valuable opinions in the comments section below.