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How to get around blocking websites in Italy

How to get around blocking websites in Italy

frustrating when you surf the web and see yourself blocked by a filter when trying to enter a site. Regardless of whether it was entered by your office, school, ISP or even a government. Of course, there are several legitimate reasons to set – and respect – the filters for accessing some Internet sites. Even the best filter can sometimes be wrong and block content that should not be blocked. In this case it would be useful to know how to handle blocking websites in Italy.

If you want to get around a block on the web there are some ways to access any content you like. I suggest you opt for a paid VPN, but you can also have other options for free. As always, with this article we do not encourage the use of these methods to access illegal content, so you should consider how and when to use them.

Are you trying to enter a site but every time you try to access it, an error message appears? Most likely you are trying to access one of the many blocked sites in Italy. This problem can be caused by several factors: for example, you want to access the streaming channels of the BBC (British broadcaster) but the site is blocked because it is visible only to English residents. Or want to take advantage of the contents of a site that is no longer accessible from Italy but is still visible in other foreign countries.

The limitation to access a website can occur when you try to view a content that has a territorial block. In this case it comes bed the IP address and, if recognized as not belonging to the territory that can use the content, access is blocked.

If you are trying to access blocked sites in Italy, this guide will show you how to work around the problem and take advantage of the site's content without any kind of problem. The solution that I propose to you completely free and is based on a simple extension that can be installed on Google Chrome is Firefox, therefore compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Apps for mobile devices on iOS and Android are also available.

Work around blocking internet sites in Italy

The service I want to introduce you is called Hola and compatible with all desktop platforms (Windows, Mac and Firefox). To work,Hola uses technology VPN (Virtual Private Network). In practice, when you try to access sites blocked in Italy, using Hola you can rely on a server that is located outside our country. This acts as a link to establish the connection with the site in question. In doing so, the connection will be established by another country in which the block is not present and the user will be able to continue browsing without any problem. Let's see how to install and use Hola.

  • The first thing you need to do is connect to this siteusing the browser Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • Under the heading Hola browser extension, download the extension compatible with your operating system and your browser (Chrome or Firefox).
  • At the end of the download, click on the file you just downloaded and wait for the browser to complete the installation of the extension.

At this point you will find yourself with a new icon in your browser bar (be it Google Chrome or Firefox). Now use the VPN service offered by Hola to get around simple internet sites in Italy.

  • Whenever you try to access a blocked site, click on the icon Hola in the status bar.
  • The extension will automatically recognize that a territorial block has been applied on the site in question and will show you a series of countries that will allow you to get around the block.

Surfing blocked sites in Italy

  • Selecting United States or UK you shouldn't have any problems, but if you want to use the connection from another country, you can do it by selecting “more. "
  • After choosing the desired country, you can safely get around blocking websites in Italy.

The country preferences will be memorized for each site you visit and this will ensure that when you return to the same site, you will no longer have to re-run this procedure but you can access it without problems.

Use of Hola very simple and, in just a few clicks, you will be able to browse sites blocked in Italy without territorial restrictions. If you have problems, or want more information, write in the comments.

If you want to know other methods to access blocked sites in Italy, I suggest you also read this guide.