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How to find iPhone and iPad lost or stolen with Find My iPhone

How to find iPhone and iPad lost or stolen with Find My iPhone


Complete guide to find the lost or stolen iPhone or iPad using the "Find My iPhone" program.

Have you lost your iPhone?

Have your iPhone or iPad been stolen?

Do you want to find the lost or stolen iPhone or iPad?

Let's see together how to do it thanks to a completely free program!

Apple has released, together with iOS 6, the new version ofFind my iPhone, a free application that allows you to identify and find the precise location of a iPhone, iPad and MacBook lost or stolenor and to carry out other useful operations on these unfortunate occasions.

The new version of this program introduces various improvements, but among the main ones the strongest one is the new "Lost" functionality. Let's see what it is and how to use it to find a lost, stolen or lost iPhone or iPad.

First of all, I point out that with the new update the Find My iPhone program is also updated from the graphic point of view, which is now more in line with Apple's style. With this new version, as long as you have the relative service enabled on iCloud for each device, you can track it easily and directly with another iOS device or computer (Mac and PC). That's why you have to make sure of have always enabled the Find My iPhone from iCloud function, for each iDevice you have.

But let's get to the more interesting features of Find My iPhone, which allow you to trace the lost or stolen device.

After installing Find My iPhone on any of your devices (iPhone, Mac, iPad), you will have to enter your Apple account data (name and password): once logged in, you will immediately see the list of all devices connected to the same account and for which Find My iPhone has been enabled.

In order to activate tracking, you must enable the appropriate option from the iCloud settings on the iPhone or iPad (Settings> iCloud> Activate Find iPhone / iPad).

Caution: check that you have activated all the features of the program, otherwise you risk not being able to find your stolen or lost iPhone or iPad.

In case of need, for track down your lost or stolen iPhone or iPad all you have to do is start the program itself. Each device contained in this list has a dot next to its name: if this gray dot means that Find My iPhone has not been able to locate it. The reasons can be many: the device has been turned off, not under internet coverage or has the relative function disabled.

If, on the other hand, such a green bubble, then the device can be easily identified: we can therefore view its position on the map via GPS or Wi-Fi triangulation (therefore even an iPad without GPS can be identified), but we can also take advantage of other functions , especially if the device we are looking for is in our vicinity.

For easily track our lost or lost iPhone or iPad, with the Find My iPhone program we can also:

  • make the device emit a sound that we are looking for, in order to feel it in the distance or to alert those in its vicinity. Even if the device in question has the sound muted, the sound will be output at maximum volume. A text message is also sent together with the sound effect.
  • lock it remotely or even reset it, so that the thief cannot access our data. In this case, you will no longer be able to find the device: it is, therefore, a procedure to be done only when you are sure you have lost your iDevice.

But the features of the program don't end there.

The new lost mode, available only on devices updated to iOS 6, allows you to protect, monitor and communicate directly with the lost device, with the thief or with anyone who has found our device. Once activated the Lost mode, in fact, you will also have to enter a phone number that will appear as a popup on the lost device: those who find it will know who to call, always assuming they want to do so.

In the lost mode, then, we can modify the popup message at any time and we can also choose to receive by email the coordinates of each movement of the device. In this way, tracking down our lost or lost iPhone or iPad will be even easier.

So, if you have not already done so, run to download the Find My iPhone program. It is free on the AppStore and allows you at least to try to track down your iPhone or iPad in case of theft or loss.The results are not guaranteed, but, being a free program, trying does not harm.

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