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How to enter the Fastweb modem

To enter the Fastweb modem and to access all its settings and functions from a PC or notebook, it will be sufficient to follow a very simple procedure. In just a few steps you will have full control over your Fastweb device.

If you are not a Fastweb customer yet and you are evaluating the possibility of activating a new subscription, you can consult the official website of Fastweb which will give you a complete overview of the currently active offers. Also allow you to activate the desired rate in no time.

For being able to enter the Fastweb modem, as a first step, you have to make sure the device is connected to the mains and turned on. At this point check that your PC or notebook is connected to the modem itself. This connection can take place either via cable, using the special ethernet cable that you find in the package, or Wi-Fi.

How to enter the Fastweb modem

Make sure that the modem you are using supports Wi-Fi (just a quick look at the instruction manual) and that the PC also has the possibility of connecting wirelessly to the web (many fixed PCs require external adapters).

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<p>At this point, after checking that your PC is connected to the Internet, to be able to enter the Fastweb modem <strong>open your web browser</strong> (Chrome, Edge, or Safari for example). Type the IP address of your modem in the address bar at the top.</p>
<p>Normally, the IP address of the Fastweb modem  <strong></strong> or <strong></strong>. Try one of these two codes and if the IP address is not correct, <strong>check the back of your device where you will find a label with the right address to insert</strong>. Generally <strong>you can find this data of your modem also in the user manual</strong> included in the sales package. Otherwise downloadable online from the manufacturer's website (in this case you will need to search the web by entering the exact model of your modem as a keyword).</p>
<p><strong>If you are using a PC running Windows,</strong> activate the search function and enter the keyword <strong>cmd</strong>. Enter the command from the new window <strong>ipconfig</strong> and press the button <strong>Submit</strong>. Now you can find the Fastweb modem's IP address next to the entry <strong>Default gatewey</strong>. If, instead, you have a <strong>Mac</strong> Click on the icon <strong>System Preferences</strong> and, in the new window, select the name of your connection and choose the option <strong>advanced</strong>. The modem IP address will be displayed next to the entry <strong>Router</strong> in the tab <strong>TCP / IP</strong>.</p>
<p>After entering the correct Fastweb modem IP address, <strong>to enter the Fastweb modem you will need to enter your username and password.</strong> Normally the codes to be entered are <strong>admin / admin</strong> or <strong>admin / password</strong>. In some cases it is possible to enter the modem settings leaving the two fields blank and clicking enter.</p>
<p>On the label located on the back of the device or on the user manual, you should still find complete data for the username and password to be entered.</p>
<h2><span class=What you can change in the Fastweb modem

Now that you have completed this step, you can finally enter the Fastweb modem. You will access a long series of options for managing device functions and for security itself. For example, you can change the modem's Wi-Fi password by replacing the default password, so as to avoid unwanted intrusions. In just a few steps, easily memorized, it is therefore possible to enter the Fastweb modem without too many problems.

If you have lost your password to enter the Fastweb modem, in this guide you will find out how to recover it.