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How to enable YouTube's Dark mode in Chrome, Firefox or Edge

If you're someone like me, watching a lot of YouTube videos, you must have hated the brilliant streaming video giant's web interface, especially at night. The white-red interface can be blinding at night. So, if you've always wanted a dark mode on YouTube, well, we've got some good news for you. As you may have guessed, there is a fantastic Dark Mode option available on YouTube and you just need to enable it. The hidden dark mode was discovered by a Redditor and if you want to try it yourself, here are the steps to enable YouTube's Dark mode:

Enable YouTube's dark mode in Chrome

Note : I activated the YouTube Dark mode in Chrome version 57.0.2987.133 on a Windows 10 computer but the method should be almost identical on macOS.

1. First, make sure you're on the latest version of Chrome ( version 57 or later ). You can check this by pressing the three-point menu at the top right, then go to Help -> About Google Chrome . If you're not on Chrome v57 or later, make sure you update your browser.

2. Once finished, open YouTube and press Ctrl + Shift + I (Option + Command + I on Mac) to open the Developer tools of Chrome.

3. Here, click on the tab " Console "and paste the following command: document.cookie = "VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE" and press Enter.

4. When finished, click on your YouTube profile and you will find the option " Dark mode ". Click on it and then, enable the switch" Activate dark mode ".

Note : if you don't find the option here, you can go to the YouTube settings, where you'll find the "Dark mode" option.

5. The Dark mode will then be enabled on YouTube and instead of the classic Red and White theme, you will see a Dark interface with White and Red elements. I certainly like it!

Enable YouTube's Dark mode in Firefox

Note : I activated the YouTube Dark Mode in Mozilla Firefox version 52.0.2 on Windows 10.

1. The method to activate the Dark mode of YouTube in Firefox is practically the same as in Chrome. First, open YouTube and then press CTRL + SHIFT + K to open the "Web Console" development options. Here, enter the command: document.cookie = "VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE" and press Enter.

2. So, update YouTube and you should find the "Dark mode" option on your YouTube profile.

Note : some users report that they need to delete cookies first to enable YouTube's dark mode. So, if it doesn't work for you, make sure you delete the cookies.

Enable the Dark mode of YouTube in Edge

Note : I activated the YouTube Dark mode in Microsoft Edge version 40.15060.0.0 on Windows 10.

1. The procedure to enable the Dark mode in YouTube in Microsoft Edge is practically the same as in Chrome and Firefox. Just open YouTube and press Fn + F12 to open the Edge Developer Tools.

2. Here, go to card " Console "and paste the command: document.cookie = "VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE" . Then press Enter.

3. When finished, refresh the page and you should find the "Dark mode" option on YouTube.

Get the Dark mode of YouTube on your browser

Well, it was pretty easy, right? The method doesn't seem to work on Safari, so far but we'll let you know if it does. The Dark mode of YouTube seems really interesting to me, however everyone might not like it and well, I imagine this is the reason why there is an option to enable / disable it. So if you want YouTube's Dark mode on Chrome, Firefox or Edge, simply follow the steps to activate it. Let us know how you like Dark mode on YouTube in the comments section below.