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How to enable the 2G network on all iPhone with iOS 8 without Jailbreak

2g-on-iphone "width =" 480 "height =" 480 "srcset =" // 480w, // www. 150w, // .jpg 300w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 480px) 100vw, 480px "/> The problem of the latest generation smartphones battery life, which is often not enough to guarantee a day of use. users try in every way to optimize their device to increase their autonomy.</p>
<p>One of the factors that most affects battery performance is the continued connection to the 3G network. If Android smartphone owners can choose whether to browse in <strong>2G or 3G</strong> in case they want to preserve the battery of the device, iPhone owners do not have the possibility to choose whether to connect in <strong>2G or 3G</strong>. In one of our guides we showed you how to enable the manual switch between networks on iOS 8, but the flaw of that procedure lay in the obligation to perform the iPhone Jailbreak.</p><div class=

Tony, one of our readers, wanted to share with us a working procedure even on non-jailbroken devices, and today we want to share it with you too.

The fully functional guide with all iPhones that support iOS 8 (excluding the iPhone 4S, as the problem does not exist).

NOTE:after installing the app and applying the patch, you may no longer be able to connect in 4G. To restore its operation cancel the app and then go toSettings -> General -> Restore -> Reset network settings.

Guide to enable 2G network on iPhone without Jailbreak

unlockpro 1

  • A popup will open. Click on Install.

unlockpro 2

  • Return to the Home Screen. You should see the app GPP 3to2 installed on the iPhone. Start it.
  • At the first start you will be asked for permission to start the app. Click on authorize.

unlockpro 3

  • Lapp composed of two links. Selecting the first one, the patch is enabled and your iPhone will connect to the 2G network while pressing the second link will disable the patch and you can go back to connecting in 3G.

unlockpro 4

The very simple solution and it works even without Jailbreak. Whenever you want to lock the 2G network to save battery, just open the app and click on the relevant link.

Thanks again Tony for sharing this procedure with us.