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How to enable quick access to notifications on Samsung Galaxy S20 | …

Samsung Galaxy S20

As the proportions of the screens increase, which are therefore getting higher and higher, it is increasingly difficult to be able to comfortably reach the notifications on the new smartphones. Luckily, Samsung Galaxy S20 has an option that allows you to comfortably open the drop-down notifications from anywhere on the screen. Here's how to activate it.

How to enable quick access to notifications on Samsung Galaxy S20

To quickly and conveniently access the notification curtain from anywhere on the Samsung Galaxy S20 display, you will need to proceed as follows:

  • Open the settings of your device from the main screen;

Samsung Galaxy S20

  • Then select the voiceDisplay;
  • Scroll down now down to the end of the screen;

Samsung Galaxy S20

  • Then select the itemHome screen;
  • Act on the voice toggle Swipe down for the notification panelto activate the function;

Once done, you will now be able to quickly access the notification dropdown making one swipe down from anywhere on the display. The same gesture that can be used for the total opening of the panel, so as to access quick toggles and other functions.

This is especially useful on Samsung Galaxy S20 as the OneUI is designed to facilitate a simple use with one hand. The toggles relating to the notification panel are therefore positioned at the bottom. The function is also an essential alternative to the possibility of lowering the curtain from the fingerprint sensor, which has now been eliminated.

These types of interface changes are very useful in a period in which smartphones increase their height from year to year, so it's nice to see how manufacturers are concerned about this, in order to make their devices always easy to use.

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