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How to emulate MAME on Android smartphones with MAME4droid

Who have you not spent hours and hours in front of the screens of the huge cabinets typical of arcades or bars? How many tokens spent to be able to set the new record? Who did not boast with the local agent, often unknown, of having managed to set a new record alvideogiocopiin in vogue and was therefore seen as a "God" until someone else could overcome it?

The "elders" who follow us will undoubtedly have lived at least one of these moments and would do whatever it takes to practice once again the videogamewho have contributed to the history of the whole playful world, and if we tell you why today it can be done thanks to MAME4droid, theAndroid MAME emulator able to emulate MAME with Android.

Android MAME emulator

We will advise you MAME4droid for various reasons, the first of which because it was created by Nicola Salmoria, an Italian developer, have the possibility to download it for free and the presence of an official website to be able to procure the necessary (including the download of MAME games) for the Android MAME emulator; the app also present on the Play Store, therefore download it where you prefer.>>>> Discover also how to emulate Nintendo 64 with Android

Assuming that the compatibility with the ROMs is vast, but not total, and that there is a need for a non-obsolete device to emulate MAME with Android at best, we proceed with the MAME emulator guide:

  • Install the application on your device; MAME4droid (0.37b5)
  • Then start it and, in case i videogamehave problems like slowness or other issues on the Android MAME emulator, the developer suggests, among other things, to lower the quality of the sound (or completely disable it), use 8-bit colors and disable the joystick animations;
  • We invite you, however, to read the features shown on the Google Play page of the app both to personally test the numerous options in order to find the right configuration for you of the Android MAME emulator.

After the MAME emulator tutorial is finished, let's go ahead with the download of MAME games.

Download MAME games

Video games must be in format .zip, specific for the version of the Android MAME emulator used and transferred to the smartphone / tablet in the path "/ Sdcard / ROMs / MAME4all / roms". There are some sites where you can do the download MAME games, since we are not sure whether they act on the app featured in our article, we recommend that you download them directly from the official one.

Emulate MAME with Android

In summary, it is easy to deduce: install the Mame Android emulator, set it as you wish, download MAME games from the official website and think only of reliving the beautiful emotions of the past; thumbnail previews of ROMs in action:

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