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How to emulate Game Boy on Android smartphones

The older players will surely remember the Game Boy, a portable console dating back to 1989 and proposed to the public by the famous Nintendo, and which allowed the well-known Japanese company to begin to obtain the undisputed success of which it was the protagonist, not for anything else, it was only abandoned in the 2003 (14 years after the launch), and for this reason that today we want to talk to you about how to emulate Game Boy with Android thanks to the John GBC application. But let's take a look at how this worksAndroid Game Boy emulator.

How to emulate Game Boy on Android

There are various apps that can act as an Android Game Boy emulator, yet we recommend you use it John GBC both for reliability, and for compatibility, both for the numerous functions present and for the low cost.>>>> Discover also how to emulate Nintendo DS on Android

The app distinguishes the free version and the paid version, whose difference consists in the mere fact that in the second one there is no advertising, an element that could be annoying during the gaming experience with the Android Game Boy emulator; however, if the "Ads" banners don't bother you at all, we invite you to save money through the "Free" variant.

  • To get started, download and install the app on your Android smartphone; John GBC - GBC emulator John GBC Lite - GBC emulator
  • Unlike FPsen, the BIOS file is not necessary, so you can successively start the app and start playing immediately, also the very simple configuration (unlike PPSSPP), which is why no special settings are necessary but we will push you to "comb through" the options to set the Game Boy Android emulator to your liking.

After the very short Game Boy emulator tutorial, let's proceed on how to download Game Boy games.

Download games Game Boy

Characteristic of the Android Game Boy emulator, protagonist of the article that can run Game Boy ROMs and those of his older brother Game Boy Color: they must be in format .gb,.gbc or.rom (zipped games should also work, according to what is reported in the features on Google Play) and positioned in a path of your choice.

We also bring you some sites from which you can do the download games Game Boy,additionally reminding you that this is an illegal operation unless you already have the original cartridges:

As usual, do a search on Googlen in case i videogamethat you wish are not located there, do not satisfy you or, crossing your fingers, do not go well on the Android Game Boy emulator we have suggested.


So, in summary: do you intend to emulate Game Boy with Android? Download the app from the Play Store, download Game Boy games from the aforementioned links, move them wherever you prefer to the device and finally just think about having fun. Simple, isn't it? Here is a preview of the screenshots of software in action:

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