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How to edit PDFs with your computer

How to edit PDFs with your computer

The PDF format without any doubt one of the most reliable in the world, above all thanks to the features linked to document security. this is why editing PDFs can only be done with the help of special specialized editors.

The good news that there is a large number of PDF editors on the market that can do any editing. One of the best ever PDFelement. With this tool you will be able to edit text, images and any other PDF element. PDFelement allows you to take complete control of your documents to edit PDFs!

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How to change the PDF Text

Among the main features of every respectable PDF editor we find the ability to edit the text quickly and effectively. Fortunately, PDFelement designed in order to allow the modification of textual contents with an unparalleled speed. By modification we mean both the addition of text and the editing of the existing text, or the alignment of words and paragraphs. Whatever you need to do, with PDFelement you can do it without problems, following the steps below.

Adding Text to PDFs

Add text to a PDF document one of the easiest operations to do with PDFelement. Just follow a few simple steps.

First Step: Import the PDF into the Platform

To execute editing, first of all it is essential to have PDFelement on your computer. This means that you need to download and install the program if you have not already done so. Once this phase is complete, start PDFelement and click on Open File. You can then browse through the local folders and search for the PDF you want to add text to. Once found, select it and click Open.

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Second Step: Inserting the Text in the PDF

After importing the document into the program, click on the Edit tab, then move the cursor to the text field where you want to add content and click on it to select it. To add text, all you need to do is double-click on the field and proceed with typing. In some cases it may be necessary to add a text box. To do this, click on the Add Text button and then on the point in the document where you want to perform the operation.

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Third Step: Saving Changes

After adding the desired text, click on Save to make the changes final.

How to edit existing text

In addition to the addition of new text, PDFelement allows the modification of the one already present.

Change the Text

To modify the textual contents, click on Edit, double click on the text to be modified and use the keyboard to type in what you want. If necessary, you can replace existing text with new content, or make changes to the font. To do this, click on the text edit bar, select the font and change its color, size and type to your liking.

How to Align Text and Paragraphs

Select the Modification in Paragraph Mode.

In paragraph mode, you can edit and align entire paragraphs that make up the PDF. In order to align the text, select it and interact with the output options to choose whether to align it left, right or center.

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How to edit PDF images

PDFelement allows you to edit images as easily as you can by editing text. Also in the case of this operation, of course, it is necessary to have installed the program before proceeding.

Adding Images

From the toolbar at the top, click on the Edit button and then on Add Image. Select the image you wish to add to the PDF and import it directly from your computer. At this point, drag the object to the location in the document where you want it to appear. If the image was particularly large, you could see it cover the PDF page. Interact with the blue border to resize the element according to your needs.

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Image Extraction

Click on the image with the right button to enable the editing options, then select the extraction option to proceed.

Resizing Images

Click on the image to resize to bring up the blue border, then hold down and drag the cursor to perform the resizing. Next, move the image where you want it.

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As you have seen, edit the PDFs in textual and graphic content a walk with PDFelement. The program does not require previous knowledge or skills, thanks to the intuitive user interface and the need for a reduced number of steps. What are you waiting for? Try PDFelement today to test its magical potential.