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How to easily add mods to iOS games with XModGames

For many casual gamers iPhone, iPad or iPod touch their favorite gaming device. Thanks to a vast collection of games available on the App Store, iOS devices have also become game consoles and have already beaten many portable game consoles in terms of sales and performance. Playing on the iPhone or iPad is fun and to make the experience even more enjoyable a tool for jailbroken devices called XModGames. With this tool you can apply different mods to your favorite games, making them more efficient and fun to play.

BeforeXModGames, using mod and hack for games was a nightmare, in how many they had to follow complicated guides and download files from the internet, and very often this procedure could lead to downloading viruses or anything else. With XModGames all you have to do is run the application from the homescreen and search for the game you want to add lamod. If your favorite game supported appears in the "My Game" section of the application.

XModGames "width =" 450 "height =" 398 "srcset =" // 602w, // uploads / 2014/12 / XModGames-150x133.jpg 150w, // 300w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px "/> Once you find it sufficient to touch the game and in the next screen press the 'Install' button. From this page you can also find the description of the mod, which highlights the changes made to the game. You can also launch the game directly from the game. 'application <strong>XModGames</strong> by touching the ?Launch? key.</p>
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