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How to download videos from the Internet for free

How to download videos from the Internet for free

download videos from the Internet

Did you find an interesting video on the net and do you want at all costs to download it to your PC or smartphone? It's a fairly simple operation and to find out how to do it, you've come to the right guide! Here you will find all the methods for download videos from the Internet for free in a simple and fast way, whatever the online site on which you have seen the video interesting. I will show you the methods you can use for download videos from the Internet online on PCs with Windows, on the Mac, but also on smartphones with Android and on Apple devices (iPhone and iPad). If you have found an interesting video, read this guide to download it easily.

Download videos from the Internet on Windows and Mac

The best way to download videos from the Internet on a PC with Windows is to use the online service offered by KeepVid, available at the following link without having to download any program.

LINK | KeepVid

keepvid app

For download a video online just paste the link in the KeepVid field and click on the button Download to start the conversion and download. This is one of the quickest services, it really takes 3 seconds to let you download a video. The site allows you to choose whether to download all the video (up to 720p in the case of free account) or to download only the audio part, so as to generate music files starting from the favorite videos (only M4A for free accounts). The supported sites are really numerous (over 1000), plus you can integrate this online service also with browser extensions and with the free program to download and install on your PC.

If instead of using an online service you prefer to install the software version for computers with Windows installed, you can go to the following link.

DOWNLOAD | KeepVid (Windows)

If you are interested in the Mac version of the software, you can download it from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | KeepVid (Mac)

Download videos from the Internet on Android

KeepVid also available for Android devices, so you don't even have to waste time searching for an app to download a video from the Internet, but you can't find the app inside the Google Play Store.

download videos from the Internet for free

The app already offers some of the most used sites for videos in its home, to which you can add new sites by clicking the + button at the bottom right or browsing like a Web browser in the address bar at the top. When the app finds a video inside the page, it will allow you to easily download it by clicking on the arrow-shaped button at the top and choosing the video quality.

You can download this app for free from the following link. I suggest you visit the following page directly with a mobile browser, since the app available via APK file.


Download videos from the Internet on iOS

In the Apple world, apps for downloading videos from the Internet for free are not very welcome, in fact specific apps have a short life in the store. But to download videos you can still use KeepVid inside Safari (works well) or point to a mobile browser with streaming capture system, like Total.


download with Total

This browser can capture the videos on the page and download them to the iPhone's internal memory like a normal video file; all you have to do is connect to the website where the video of your interest is present and let the app do everything.

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