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How to download free music from the web

Thanks to technology, nowadays it has become very easy to listen to any piece of music through the use of the internet. Unfortunately, however, it is not always possible to use a network connection. The solution in these cases could be to be able to download and save music directly on your device. But how do you do it? In this guide we will reveal all the secrets to be able todownload free music from the web.

How to download free music from the web

There are several ways to download music for free in a completely legal way. In this site we have already seen several, such as how to download free music from the internet, or in another article we have seen how to download music for free. Let's now discover them together other ways to download free music from the web.

Download free music from SoundCloud

Another solution is to use the well-known SoundCloud music site. It is a huge portal that consists of musicians to be able to spread their songs to the public on the net. In order to download the music you will need to follow the following steps:download free music from the web

  • Register on the website, creating a new account (it will be possible to use the Facebook or Gmail account)
  • Once registered, you can search for the song you want in the bar at the top and press the appropriate button for download.

In addition to downloading the songs, the platform also allows you to listen to the song found streaming.

SoundCloud a very important service, and the same within which you can find famous music, such as those found in the videos of vLogger very famous as Casey Neistat.

How to download free music from Noisetrade

Another site that promotes independent artists and therefore allows you to download Noisetrade music for free. Registration is required, obviously free, although it is possible to support the most deserving artists with free music from web 1

The site allows both to listen to the desired tracks via streaming and to download them. Whenever you decide to do so, you will need to enter your personal data, such as email and country of residence, in order to receive an email containing the download link.

How to download music for free from NoCopyRightSound

The NoCopyRightSound site is an alternative to SoundCloud. As can be easily guessed from the name, it is a site where it will be possible to download music that is not copyrighted and therefore for this reason completely legal. Also in this case, exactly like for SoundCloud and Noistrade, registration on the site will be required. download free music from web 2

Once you have registered, you can then search for the song you prefer either directly in the appropriate search bar or by going to search for it within the music category you prefer.

How to download music for free from Jamendo

download free music from the web 3

Finally, the well-known site Jamendo also deserves to be mentioned. It is an additional portal similar to SoundCloud which allows you to listen and download instreaming music. Even in the latter case, mandatory registration.

If instead you are interested in the solution to download music on iPhone or iPad, we refer you to the dedicated article.