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How to download free music from the internet

How to download free music from the internet

You would like itdownload free music from the internetin all simplicity and comfort This is a question that many people ask. If you are reading this article you would also like to find an answer to this question. You need to know that there are different ways to download music for free. For example, you can rely on one of the many apps for iOS or Android or use your PC.

I also often need to download free music from the internet. I finally found a comfortable solution and today I would like to share it with you. The proposed method is compatible with both your PC (whether it is a PC with Windows, Linux installed or a Mac) but also with your mobile devices (smartphones and iOS and Android tablets). No software installation is required that could burden the operating system. Everything can be done via the internet browser.

There are several ways to download music for free. Being a very sensitive topic, this topic has been treated other times proposing different solutions. For this reason I suggest you also visit this guide to get a global view.

If you are looking for a solution to download free music on Android, here are the ones I think are the three best apps.

You can also find an article dedicated to iPhone and iPad.

Each article offers different solutions, but all valid to get music files on your devices. For this reason I suggest you visit them all and choose the one that best meets your needs.

In this guide I would like to propose a different solution from the previous ones. To download free music from the internet we will not use a dedicated application, but the browser of the operating system. You can search and download your favorite song directly from the browser of your device, be it an iPhone, an Android smartphone or a computer. The service I propose is called mp3Juices and you can easily find it by typing the website on the search bar of your

How to download free music from the internet with mp3Juices

mp3Juices a web service that looks like a music search engine from which you can easily search for your favorite music directly from the website. Just enter the title of the song in the search bar, click on the file in mp3 format. As easy to understand, this service can be used on any mobile device, including Android smartphones and iPhones (but also on tablets).

mp3Juices it is presented with a very intuitive and extremely essential graphic interface. When you access the Homepage, you can immediately understand how to use the service. immediately evident a search bar where to write the title of the song: you will be offered a series of similar titles and you will have to select the right one. Another interesting feature of this service, the one that allows you to search for a Youtube video where you can extract the music and download it.

How to download free music conmp3Juices on the desktop

After opening the homepage, you will immediately see a search field where you can:

  1. enter the title of the song or of the singer;
  2. insert URLs of a YouTube video from which the music will be extracted;

After entering the title and clicking on the button in the form of a search lens, as a result you will see a list of similar songs. You will only have to select the right one. Now you can choose to download the file or listen to it in streaming.

mp3Juices a very powerful search engine on which you can easily search for many song titles by choosingamong several million pieces of music of all kinds, both Italian and foreign.

After downloading the music file, you can transfer it to the memory of your mobile device or listen to it directly on your computer ..

How to download free music conmp3Juices on Android devices

The advantage of this service is its universality. In addition to the PC, you can also use all its potential on your smartphone. If you access the interface of the web page from Android devices, you can directly download the songs on your smartphone or tablet. You are curious? Here's how.

From the browser of your Android device go to After performing the song search, click on the icon in the shape ofmagnifying glassthat you find on the right of the search bar. At this point you will be presented with a list of all the songs that match your search. Selecting the buttonDownloads,in a few seconds you will have the music you want on your Android smartphone or tablet available for listening.

How to download free music with mp3Juices on iPhone and iPad

Applenon mobile devices integrate with the Safari browser with a file manager and this limitation does not allow the Download action to be performed directly from the browser. But not all lost, because there is a way to download music with mp3Juices on iPhone and iPad. Just download from the App Store adownload managerthat you allow yourself download free music on iPhone and iPad. I use the Documents daily.

After downloading, startTDownloader and go to address At this point you can perform your search for the favorite music piece and click on the icon that has the shape of onemagnifying glass,located on the right of the search bar. At this point you will be shown the results of your search. Select Download. Or choose the path to save the file and click on Download.

You can change the download status from the menuTDownloader in the section Download. When the file is completely downloaded, you can go to the section File from where you can start playing the song by clicking on it.

There are other websites where you can download free music. I suggest you also read the guide on Best free mp3 sites download.