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How to download free apps iPhone, iPod, iPad

How to download iPhone apps for FREE


How to download free programs for iPhone, iPod, iPad. Where to download free programs and applications for iPhone, iPod, iPad

Download App for iPhone, iPod, iPad Free

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Download free iphone applications for iPhone, iPod, iPad: the best websites

Do you want to download and install applications, games and programs for free on your iPhone? Do you want to download all the games, programs and applications that are normally paid for on the App Store for free? Today we explain how to do it thanks to specially developed programs.

You have recently purchased a iPhone, iPod or iPad and would you like to enrich its numerous features by downloading new applications without spending even a cent? If your answer and know that download free iPhone app possible and you have two different ways: one represented by iTunes and App Store, the other represented by the Jailbreak. In this article we show you both, you will then choose which path to follow.

Taking a ride on the App Store you will surely have noticed that on the virtual store of Apple there are many applications, games and programs for iOS-based devices, but most of these apps (or at least the most beautiful ones, especially the games) are paid . Despite everything, in a special section, they are also present tons of free apps and games for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

If you are curious about find out how to download free iPhone, iPod and iPad apps,below we explain how you can do it in an extremely simple and immediate way.


If you want to download free iPhone, iPod and iPad apps, the first thing you need to do to access the App Store from your smartphone or tablet. To do this, click on the App Store icon on the home screen, then click on the item Standings located at the bottom of the screen.

In the new screen, click on the item Free which is placed at the top. At this point you will be shown a list of apps to download for free on your device.

Now, if you want to download free iPhone, iPod and iPad apps, click the button Get which is placed next to the application of your interest and then clicked onInstall. If requested, enter the password for your Apple account and wait for the download and installation procedure of the application to be completed.

This was clearly the easiest and most immediate way to download apps, games and programs for free on iPhone, iPod and iPad.But there are others, which we see below.

In fact, there are models on the Apple App Storeapplications that each day offer in turn premium apps to download for free because in special offer for a limited period of time.

If you are interested in downloading free iPhone, iPod and iPad apps using this solution, I suggest you download the application Free app Italyfrom here.

After downloading the application, start it and you don't have to do anything else Free Appsyou can indeed view all free apps that can be downloaded on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. If you find an app, game or program that interests you, just click on the itemInstall from the AppStoreto start the download for free.

And this was the second perfectly legal method to download and install apps for free on iPhone, iPod and iPad without jailbreak.

If for you have the Jailbreak, I recommend you to follow this second part of the guide, decidedly more interesting.


Not everyone knows it, but thanks to the Jailbreak it is possible to download and install on the iPhone, iPod and iPad all those apps that would normally be paid. All this completely free of charge. The rather simple and immediate operation, but, as anticipated, requires the jailbreak.

If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad with Jailbreak, following this guide you can download all the apps you want on your Apple device, completely free of charge. Basically you will have the possibility to download cracked applications (in IPA format) directly on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

iPhone: How to download all paid apps completely for free

You can continue reading the article at the link below, where we are going to explain in a precise and detailed way how to do itfree download applications, games and programs iPhone, iPod and iPad which are normally paid.

How to download paid apps for free on iPhone

How to download iPhone apps for FREE

Well, I would say that we have concluded with this guide that explains how to download paid apps, games and programs for free to iPhone, iPod and iPad.

For doubts or questions, use the comments.

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