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How to disable photo backup on Google Photos | GUIDE

One of the gallery apps that offer specific backup features, as well as organization for photos, precisely Google Photos. This allows the backup of our images on the cloud of Mountain View, so as to allow you to keep more free the storage space available on our smartphone or any Android device.

The Google Photos app is now integrated into almost all Android smartphones, where it cannot be removed as it is installed as a system app. What time do you use it as the default gallery and you want to disable the backup of the photos, to save data from your rate plan, as well as battery, here's how to disable such synchronization through the app settings.

How to disable saving photos to Google Photos in the cloud

To disable synchronization on the application and prevent saving photos to the cloud, here what you need to do:

  • Open the app and open the settings by touching the icon with the three vertical lines in the bar at the top left;
  • Once the item is selectedSettings, touch the voiceBackup and synchronization;

Google PhotosGoogle Photos

  • Open the relevant window, disable the related toggle to the analogous function.

You can also remove your Google Account from the Photos app, to do it just touch the icon of your account, located in the bar at the top left. In the window that opens, touch the small arrow next to the email address to expand the settings and in the latter, touch the optionUse without an account.

In doing so, dissocerete your account from Google Photos, thus deactivating all those operations that take place in the background for data synchronization. You can continue to use the app normally. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to use those services offered when the Google account is linked.

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