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How to disable GPS on Android smartphones Guide

Disattivare il GPS su Android

GPS is certainly an important innovation in the technological field, as it provides information about geolocation to a receiver. Not surprisingly, it is now widely used not only in the military sector, but also in the more purely civil sector. However, you may need to disable GPS to save batteryhere is how to do it.

Turn off GPS on Android: possible?

Thanks to GPS we can take advantage of the navigation features of our smartphone in order to reach a particular place without getting lost or making a lot of effort. However, there are also problems related to the use of GPS that need to be considered. In particular, this technology causes a huge energy consumption. It is no coincidence that one of the first responsible for the fact that the smartphone battery drains quickly.

Having to constantly keep track of the position of the smartphone, GPS also requires the use of other resources by the device. The good news is that you can easily turn off GPS on any smartphone. All you need is just a couple of steps.

The useful procedure to disable GPS does not change much in relation to the type of Android smartphone that you use, but there may be some differences related to the version of the operating system installed. Also, you need to know that there are several ways you can take advantage of turning GPS off on an Android smartphone. Which ones are they? Let's try to discover them together.

How to disable GPS on Android from the notification bar

First of all you can try to implement the most classic way:

  • You have to scroll down on the notification bar of your smartphone and then open the screen Quick settings;
  • At this point tap on the voice Position.

Doing this will disable GPS manually. If you want to reactivate the GPS you should do the same procedure over again. You have to know that this method has one big downside: the key Position may not be present on the screen Quick settings. In case you want to be able to activate / deactivate GPS from the Quick Settings screen, you should first add that button by going to the General Settings.

How to disable GPS on Android from Settings

  • In this case you must first open the screen General Settings;
  • Now you have to scroll down the page and then find the button Position;
  • At this point you will see the button at the top of the screen Use location;
  • By tapping that button again, however, you will activate GPS.

In the case of newer Android operating systems instead of the Location button you will see the button in the Settings Security and Location. You must click on it and from the menu that opens, click on the Find the Device option and then set this function to Off.

In the case of the most modern Android devices, GPS does not activate automatically unless strictly necessary. For this you may have no need to turn it off, as GPS will automatically activate / deactivate depending on the applications you are using. For example, if you want to use Google Maps, GPS will automatically turn on and once you finish using it, GPS will turn off.

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