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How to delete apps in iOS 13

How to delete apps in iOS 13

delete apps in iOS 13

Here we are! iOS 13, Apple's new operating system was released to the public on September 19th. There are many new features introduced by this new version of the Cupertino operating system but I'm sure one in particular will have affected your curiosity: how to delete apps in iOS 13? The question seems trivial but if you are trying to uninstall an app installed on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 13, by holding a long press on an application icon you will see a new menu appear.

Uninstall apps in iOS 13

The latest iOS 13 system has in fact introduced a series of new menus that can be recalled with a long press or with 3D Touch. If you are impatient and cannot find the simple method you were used to and you want to know how to delete apps on iOS (but also iPadOS), I suggest three methods. Take just a few moments and you'll find out how.

Method 1

uninstall app

The first method uses a new menu entry that Apple has added to the home when interacting with an application.

  • Press and hold an app icon for a long time or press the 3D Touch button until the menu appears.
  • Select the item Reorganize apps.
  • At this point the icons will begin to vibrate as they did in iOS 12 or earlier versions and above each icon you will see the classic X for uninstallation.

Method 2

The second method is the slowest, but avoids an extra interaction by following the first method.

  • Press and hold on an app icon until the menu appears.
  • Do not release your finger from the icon but continue to press for at least another second. The men will disappear and the icons will begin to vibrate showing the X.

Method 3

I discovered the third method almost by accident and also the fastest of the three. Basically, it's enough to place your finger on an icon and start dragging it. You will see that the icons will immediately begin to vibrate and you can uninstall the apps as you did before.


I think Apple has taken a step back in terms of usability of the home screen. Previously it was very convenient to interact with the apps using 3D Touch or move and delete them with a long press.

They could have solved the problem by adding the item Delete in the contextual menu that appears with a long press (that of Method 1). Maybe it will be an improvement that we will see in future updates. But waiting for further news I hope this article has made you discover how to delete an app in iOS 13 in a simple and fast way.