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How to cut a video on Android with Google Photos | Guide

Sometimes, taking the right moment to start your not simple shooting: often it happens to record a video with the smartphone and press the REC button too early, resulting in a 50-second video where only the last 5 are interesting. How to fix it? soon said! Let's go find out together how to cut a video on android.

This guide does not only concern smartphone users, since the method described below involves the use of Google Photos. This app made the method for cutting videos, editing photos and other functions that were different for each device unique until a few years ago, for all Android devices.

How to set up automatic backup on Google Photos

To easily cut videos on Android you can use the Google Photos app, which should be factory installed on your device. If you have never used it or not present because you have an old smartphone, you can download it for free from the Play Store.

Google Photos

Google Photos also adds to your system the possibility of activating automatic backup, very useful for editing your videos without risking losing the original.

  • To activate the backup and synchronization option, go to your profile settings and go to the backup options.

By downloading Google Photos these options should be active by default, but if in your case they are not, activate the switch on Backup and synchronization and the game is done.

Use Google Photos to cut videos on Android

Now you can go to the video cutting phase:

  • Go to the gallery and select the video you want to cut;
  • To modify it, just click on the pencil icon: stop on the latter to open the modification screen;How to cut a video on Android "width =" 325 "height =" 578 ??"srcset =" png 325w, 236w "sizes =" (max-width: 325px) 100vw, 325px

If you choose an old video and were already using the backup and sync feature, you may have to download it again before you can use the pencil tool for editing.

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  • Once done, you can use the editing menu, a very simple tool that presents itself as a function for selecting the part of the video to be cut;
  • that's all, you just have to move the cursor on the left to the point from which you want to start your video, while the one on the right you have to move it to the point where the video must end;How to cut a video on Android "width =" 325 "height =" 578 ??"srcset =" to cut- a-video-su-Android-3. png 325w, 236w "sizes =" (max-width: 325px) 100vw, 325px
  • After cutting out the section of video you are interested in, you can check that you have done everything right by pressing the play button to play only the part to be saved;
  • Once the Save button at the top right is pressed, the clip is saved in the gallery. If you still wanted to keep the original video, don't worry, this has not been deleted.How to cut a video on Android "width =" 325 "height =" 578 ??"srcset =" png 325w, 236w "sizes =" (max-width: 325px) 100vw, 325pxA copy of the original video is still kept in the gallery, while the clip you have cropped is saved as a new video. It is not necessary to rename it, even if you can do it later and the various steps of saving and creating files are done automatically by Google Photos.

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