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How to customize the WhatsApp notification ringtone on Android

Whatsapp without a shadow of a doubt the proprietary instant messaging application most used on Android and other platforms, both in Italy and internationally, to the point of making the sending and receiving of traditional messages almost obsolete. Indeed, in the collective imagination the Whatsapp notification ringtone entered the mind of all of us. Nevertheless, regardless of the phone used, change it a breeze. Here is a quick guide on such as customize the notification ringtone of WhatsApp on Android.

Premise: what makes the WhatsApp user experience unique both on devices with the green robot operating system and on other platforms, simplicity. In the case of the application founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009, search for contacts and add them to an immediate action, as well as the exchange of messages, the modification of settings and all the various customizations, including the notification ringtone.

In all cases, the starting point is always represented by the settings menu. Of the voices you see in order, Help, Profile, Account, Chat settings, Notifications is Contacts the one on which you must obviously plug the penultimate.

At that point, you will see a mask. For customize the notification ringtone of WhatsApp on Android tap on Tone Notifications > Choose a ringtone for new notification messages. From here you will access the complete list of ringtones stored on your terminal. All you have to do is select the one you like best and confirm by pressing the button OK. Since notifications are nothing more than messages, it is always good to choose a short-lived sound. Mica you want to listen to those around a whole concert?

PS: now you know how customize the notification ringtone of WhatsApp on Android, but I remind you that you can also customize other parameters always by voice Notifications. These include chat sounds, vibration, pop-up notification and finally the color of the LED when a new message is received.

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