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How to customize the Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note | Guide

How to customize the Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note | Guide

In this complete guide I'll explain how to remap the Bixby button on Samsun smartphonesg. It should be noted that the procedure does not require root and is valid for all Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note devices, from the old Notes to the new Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Video guide on how to customize the Bixby button

The Bixby button on Samsung smartphones

A few years ago Samsung added a top of the range smartphone side key associated with your Bixby voice assistant. Until the previous release of Android 9 for Samsung smartphones, it was not possible to change the functionality of the Bixby button, except by using root or particularly complicated methods. Fortunately with the arrival of Android 10 and OneUI 2, Samsung has introduced the possibility of remap the Bixby keysimply and quickly via the settings.

Changing the functions associated with the physical button of Bixby allows you to associate new apps o new functions for single or double button press. These changes are very useful and convenient and can allow you to open the camera in one tap, for example, or to associate Google's assistant instead of that of the Korean company.

Procedure to remap and customize the Bixby side button

The steps to follow for customize the left side physical button of Samsung smartphones are very simple to follow. Do this:

  1. Open the Settings of your Galaxy.customize the Bixby button - step 1 - settings
  2. Scroll down and tap on the item Advanced functions.customize the Bixby button - step 2 - advanced features
  3. Tap on the item Bixby button.customize the Bixby button - step 3 - bixby button
  4. Change the settings according to your needs.customize the Bixby button - step 4 - one or two touches

One touch to open Bixby

In this way, a single press on the button will continue to open the Samsung assistant, but it will be possible to customize the app associated with the double click.

Two touches to open Bixby

With this choice, however, it will be possible to set the opening of an app or a feature with a single touch of the button and to use double press to open Bixby.

Some final advice on how to customize the Bixby button

If you don't regularly use Samsung's voice assistant, I suggest you set two touches to open Bixby and associate the single touch with some functionality you often use. For example, you may find it convenient to use the button to open the camera or quickly access Telegram or Whatsapp. You could also associate a quick command among those set by you to perform actions that you usually perform over the course of your days.

As we have seen, changing the Bixby button setting is really easy and fast. Personally I use it that open Telegram so we can quickly reach our channels.