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How to customize Samsung Galaxy with Good Lock

personalizzare Galaxy con Good Lock

customize Galaxy with Good Lock

The application Good Lock by Samsung a really useful app especially for those who want pcustomize Samsung Galaxy in all its versions of Samsung devices, without having to install third-party apps or root the device.

Good Lock to customize Samsung Galaxy

The Good Lock app along with its modules, allows you to customize some aspects of the user interface like the notification panel, the lock screen, the clock face and more. Using the simple Good Lock application and you will be able to customize your Samsung device in no time.

How to download Good Lock

The app Good Lock not available on Google Play Store, but can easily be installed from the app Samsung Galaxy Store, what used to be called Galaxy Apps, the store of apps dedicated to its smartphones. Now his name Galaxy Store with new graphics, more in line with the One UI interface. So to install Good Lock, you must first install Galaxy Store on the device.

If you don't know how to install Good Lock, read on.

Install Good Lock from Galaxy Store

  • Click on this link to download the Good Lock app from the Galaxy Apps app store.
  • Alternatively, on the Samsung device, open the Galaxy App app. Now look for the Good Lock app. Touch it to open the list.
  • Make sure the version of the app is and that the release date is March 8, 2019.
  • Tap the Install button to install the app on your phone.
  • Open the app and have fun! Continue reading the following guide on How to use Good Lock to customize any Galaxy device.

How to download Good Lock modules

By installing only Good Lock you will not be able to customize your Samsung device. You should also download the various customization modules based on what you want to change on the device.

Here's how to download the Good Lock modules from the Good Lock application.

  • After installing Good Lock on your Samsung device, start the application.
  • On the home page of the Good Lock application, you can view the list of modules you can download.
Good Lock modules
  • Tap the module name to go to its list.
  • Download it if you want. just tap Install in the Galaxy app store to install the module.
  • You could do the same with all the other modules. Then install all the modules you want.
  • Once the modules are downloaded to your device, you can start customizing the Galaxy.
customize your Galaxy device

How to customize your device using Good Lock modules

Once the modules have been downloaded to the device, it is possible to proceed with customization. Follow the steps below to discover the function of each Good Lock module to make your device unique.


As the name suggests, LockStar allows you to customize the lock screen on your device. Here's how to customize your lockscreen using LockStar.

  • Once you've downloaded LockStar, start the Good Lock application and tap LockStar.
LockStar "class =" wp-image-63867 "srcset =" // 600w, // -content / uploads / 2019/03 / Good-Lock-LockStar-150x96.jpg 150w, // 300w, / / 520w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px "/></figure>
<li>Activate LockStar using the toggle switch.</li>
<li>  You can use the default style or create your own device lock style.</li>
<li>To create your own lockscreen style, touch the "<strong>+</strong>"Next to the option <strong>STYLE</strong>.</li>
<li>  You can choose from a range of included backgrounds or select your own images or backgrounds.</li>
<li>Just tap the right or left arrow to switch between positions for items on the lock screen.</li>
<li>You will also see a bar at the bottom to change the visibility of the background, the clock and the object.</li>
<figure class=lockscreen
  • Tap on Clock to switch from one clock to another.
  • Tap Object visibility to change the icons to be displayed on the lock screen.
  • Once you are satisfied with the layout of your lockscreen, simply tap SAVE.
  • Go back and touch the newly created lockscreen style to apply it to the lock screen.


QuickStar allows you to edit and customize the notification panel and status bar on your Samsung device. Simply follow the steps below to customize the notification panel or status bar using QuickStar.

  • Start Good Lock and touch QuickStar.
QuickStar "class =" wp-image-63879 "srcset =" // 600w, // /uploads/2019/03/QuickStar-Customization-150x94.jpg 150w, // 300w, // /wp-content/uploads/2019/03/QuickStar-Customization-520x326.jpg 520w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px "/></figure>
<li>Activate the QuickStar module. You will be able to see the panel settings at the top, which will allow you to customize the color of the notification panel.</li>
<li>  You can use any of the preset colors or you can create a custom color scheme.</li>
<li>To create your own color scheme for the notifications panel, tap the "<strong>+</strong>”(Black page).</li>
<figure class=QuickStar module
  • You will now be able to select your color choice. Tap Done after selecting the preferred color.
  • From the option Color control, you can set the color for the icons ON, OFF, Font and Background.
  • You can also adjust the transparency of the notification panel using the panel slider BG Alpha.
  • The effect Blur allows you to enable or disable background blur when lowering the notification panel.
  • The cursor Blur Amount lets you choose the amount of blur.
  • When you're done, simply tap APPLY.
  • Open the notifications panel to see the changes you've made.
  • You can also change the position of the clock and the visibility of the icons on the status bar from the options Indicator settings.

Task Changer

Task Changer allows you to customize the appearance of recent pages. There are several customization options available in the Task Changer module for Good Lock. Here's how to edit your recent page using Task Changer.

Task Changer
  • Tap Task Changer from the screen Home of Good Lock.
  • Activate the option In use.
  • Touch the layout type to choose the preferred layout of the recent page.
  • You have 4 different layouts to choose from; Stack, list, Grid, Carousel.
  • Under the layout type, there is the option Detail settings.
  • The Detail Settings allow you to further customize the Layout Type.
  • Each layout type has a specific set of settings to modify.
  • We suggest playing with the settings to find what works best for you.


The module clockfaces allows you to customize the look of the watch face on the Lockscreen or always on display.

  • Launch the Good Lock app and tap on clockfaces.
  • If you have Always on Display always activated, you can choose between Lockscreen or AOD to customize, then tap the option you want to customize.
  • A scrolling list will appear at the bottom of the screen with the different faces of the clock available.
  • Just choose between the included watch faces or touch the theme icon by scrolling to the right.
  • From there you can download any watch face from the theme store.
  • Just touch Done when you have chosen the desired watch face.
  • You can also change the clock color by tapping the option Color. Choose the preferred color for the watch and touch end.


NavStar allows you to customize the navigation bar on your device extensively. Here's how to customize the navigation bar with NavStar.

customize Galaxy with navstar
  • You can use the icons of the preconfigured navigation bar or, better yet, the option to set your own navigation buttons by tapping New configuration.
  • Once you touch it New configuration, you will be able to change the color of the navigation bar. You have 7 colors to choose from, which is rather limited; however, at least Samsung gave us this chance.
  • You can also add two extra buttons to the navigation bar.
novstar module
  • Tap Buttons layout and then touch add.
  • Select the button (s) you want to add.
  • You can also change the position of the buttons by dragging and releasing the buttons in the preferred position.
  • Tap end when you are satisfied with the results.
  • To change the button icons, simply tap Icons and then touch the icon you want to change.
selection icons
  • You will see a list of icons to choose from, or you can touch multiple icons and choose any icon from your images.
  • Once you've finished setting the new icons, tap Save.
  • Your new navigation bar configuration will appear at the bottom of the list. Just tap the new configuration to apply the changes to the navigation bar.