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How to create your own ransomware with a simple Android app


Advertised on Chinese social channels, it allows you to customize your malware and puts you in touch with developers for payment

Do you want create your own custom ransomware and take the data of friends and relatives hostage to release them behind a large ransom? From today, in China, there is an app for this too. The disturbing discovery was made by Symantec researchers, who have been on the trail of a very particular malware development kit, in the form of an app for the Android operating system.

The user-friendly user interface and the malicious software creation process does not require any type of technical expertise: in fact, the app is only an access method to get in touch with the developers, i.e. those who will actually pack the malware. From the smartphone possible choose the message that accompanies the request of money, some parameters of the key for unlocking and even the animation displayed by the victims when the infection was discovered. Once this phase is completed, a communication channel is opened via chat with the developers to discuss the one-off payment of the ransomware, a smartphone app that locks the phone until the correct code is entered.

The circuit of creation and diffusion of malware all internal to Android, which probably represents an unedited. Yet not the first time ever that such a model ends up in the spotlight: in this way the original creators of the kit ensure a certain source of income, coming from those who buy the ransomware; will then be the buyers, who presumably know their victims better than a developer hundreds of kilometers away can do, to exploit their weaknesses by providing a widespread spread of malware. Fortunately to protect yourself from such threats the guidelines to be adopted remain few and simple (or whoever created the ransomware would not have needed to turn it into a kit to make money): do not leave the phone in the hands of strangers and do not install apps whose provenance is unknown.


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