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How to create beautiful lockscreen for iPhone with Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer

Lockscreen Wallpaper

Choose a photo to use as lockscreen on your iPhone it might seem like a very simple task. Just scroll through the Camera Roll, choose the photo you like, click on Set and you're done. Sela photo that you really want to use formed by a horizontal landscape, while you need a vertical image, the iPhone automatically crops it, and also allows you to scroll the image on all sides to get the best shot, but the result does not always does justice to the original shot. So in this case you needLockscreen Wallpaper.

Or, there is finally a vertical portrait that seems to be good for the own screen, but then the image overlaps with the clock or text slide to unlock.Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer a simple application that aims to solve all these problems.

The application Lockscreen Wallpaper Designerdoes nothing but take the selected photo and set it with a blur effect, and using the pre-set circular, rectangular or star-shaped masks, it makes the image clear inside the chosen shape, while the rest is made blurred. Use the colors in the photo to create a blurred outline that highlights the clock and the writing slide to unlock, without overlapping them.

These are some examples of what a simple photo used as a lockscreen would look like and how it is modified via the app. It can be seen how the superimposition of the photo with the clock and the white writings on a white background of the photo, horrible.

Lockscreen Wallpaper iphone

Landscape photos are no longer a problem: just select the most appropriate mask for the image. Here is this photo, where the rectangular cutout was selected by pointing up Settings dellapp.

Lockscreen Wallpaper cutout

The application very simple to use. Just open it, touch Change image and select the photo you want to use from the Camera Roll (or any other album on your iPhone). Touch the shape of mask you want. Touch the photo to scroll it horizontally and vertically to get the best shot. Click on Save.

change Lockscreen Wallpaper

The application is unable to set a lockscreen directly from the application, but the result of the modified image must always be stored in the camera roll first.

To apply the background, use the settings in the usual way: Backgrounds and brightness> Choose a new background> Camera roll. Select the image just created, and here is the new lockscreen.

The application Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer you can download it directly from App Store at the price of 2.29.