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How to create animated GIFs with Photoshop

How to create animated GIFs with Photoshop

Did Haimai think of creating animated GIFs using Adobe Photoshop? Are you a person who fascinated the world of animation but don't know how to create animated GIFs? Don't worry, we're here to help. After seeing the best 5 sites to create animated GIFs online, when you have read our suggestions we have included in this guide, you will knowhow to create animated GIFs with Photoshop. If you need to send GIFs on WhatsApp, we recommend the guide on how to create GIFs with WhatsApp, a function integrated directly into the app of the well-known messaging service.

What are animated GIFs?

Animated GIFs contain a series of images / frames in a single file. These frames are arranged in a specific order that you will choose so that they can create an effect of animated images. To create animated GIFs with Photoshop is not so complicated, just follow the steps we have indicated below. Animated GIFs are mainly used for the web and it is very easy to create animated GIFs with Photoshop.

What is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is an image editing software developed by Adobe Systems. Adobe Photoshop considered the pioneer in image editing software. Using this software, users can edit images, crop, resize and correct color. It is the most commonly used photo editing software, but if you do not have it, you can download a trial version from the following link:

Download | Photoshop CC trial

How to create animated GIFs with Photoshop

Design animation: The first step to create animated GIFs with Photoshop is to design the animation you want to create. Open Adobe Photoshop that you have already installed on your computer. Now go to the menu File, click on Script then select Upload File.

create animated GIFs with Photoshop 1

Now select the images you want to use to create an animated GIF using the button Browse. The selected images will be placed in layers in a single image. You will need to arrange the frames in chronological order to make them become animated images.

Animated GIFs with Photoshop 2

Sequence the layers: After correctly arranging the layers, you need to sequence them. From the main menu go up Window and click on Timeline.

Animated GIFs with Photoshop 3

From here you can select the option "Create frame animation"And click on the same button.

Animated GIFs with Photoshop 4

Photoshop creates a frame for each visible layer. To view all the frames, click on the arrow at the top right of the Timeline and select "New levels visible in all frames". You also have the ability to create duplicate frames. Now you can continue adding frames until you see the animation complete. You can also hide a layer that you don't want to see between the frames you just created.

Animated GIFs with Photoshop 5

You can add transitions between frames: you can add transitions between frames that are commonly known as interpolations. Select the frame you want to fade, and then click the "Perform tweening between animation frames”Which is found in the bottom menu of the Timeline. In the dialog that opens, you can indicate which frame the object is interpolated to and how many frames you want to include, then click OK.

Animated GIFs with Photoshop 6

Adding a delay: You can use the delay, that is, you can decide how long each frame must be visible. The time established in seconds.Starts: Start the animation just created the last step. After checking the animation, choose the "Optimize animation". Select both options and press OK. Now click on Save and type the name you want to give it.Export the file: Go to the menu File, from Export select the option Save for the web. After have chosen GIF from the menu Format, click on the button Save. The GIF animation ready to be used.

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