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How to create a personal website for free

One of the tools of greater communication of one's own activity or simply of sharing one's hobbies or interests, the website or a web page. If you too have decided to create a free personal website, in this guide you will see how easy it is to make it completely free.

On the internet there are several solutions that allow you to create a personal blog for free. In this guide we will show you the best solutions currently in circulation.

The best online tools to be able to create a personal website for free

If you carry out any activity, having a web page is a fundamental necessity to make yourself known or promote a product. A website, in fact, guarantees greater visibility and also gives that extra touch of professionalism. Unfortunately, however, creating a website is not always easy and, above all, it can be very expensive, especially when starting a business when the budget is very limited. This guide was created precisely to meet the needs of all those who cannot invest money to create their own internet page.

Fortunately, on the web you can find different solutions that allow you to create your own website independently and completely free of charge. In this way, even small entrepreneurs or emerging businesses will have their own space on the internet, thus not depriving themselves of an indispensable tool in the business world.

Below, here are the ones that are the best tools for us that currently allow you to create a personal website for free.

1. Wixcreate a free personal website 1

The first one we offer to create a free personal website. A platform capable of creating a website in a simple, fast and, above all, free way. Surely you've heard of it around, as one of the most popular tools around and currently growing fast. The modern interface is compatible with the HTML language, so as to allow you to add any customization you want. The very intuitive basic editor: just select and drag the elements you want to add to your web page. There are also several themes available, well divided into categories. For free you will have a 500 MB archive, 1 GB broadband, compatibility with Google Analytics and 24 hour customer service.

2. Jimdo

create a free personal website 2 a portal that allows you to create your own web page easily and completely free of charge, providing an online archive of 500 MB. It also has an app for Android and iOS and the site created then adapts perfectly to display on any device, whether it is fixed or mobile. Furthermore, compatible with the HTML language, so that if you have basic knowledge of programming, you can make changes or include custom widgets.

3. Websitebulder

create a free personal website 3

The strength of this online tool is the enormous amount of themes made available., in fact, offers hundreds of themes, all perfectly ordered and classified in certain categories. As for the other platforms, WebsiteBuilder also allows you to create a website simply by dragging the elements on your web page.

4. IMCreator

create a free personal website 4 a very simple and intuitive platform and offers different themes, all well done and creative. Also IMCreator compatible with all browsers, so that the site we have created will be perfectly visible on any device.

5. Yola

create a free personal website 5 is definitely one of the most complete packages that can be found for free on the internet. It allows, in fact, to be able to create up to 3 free web pages with a single account, count on a web space of well 1GB and have 1GB of broadband. It also offers the possibility of being able to insert free banners that you can insert on your website and a special section in which all the main statistics of our online site are shown.

6. Webnode

create a free personal website 6 the ideal platform if you want to create a website quickly and easily. It has several tools that allow you to improve visibility on the net, having its own analytical panel with which to keep an eye on all the statistics of our site. Unfortunately, the free version offers a maximum web space of 100 MB, which is somewhat poor compared to the competition.

7. Blogger

create a free personal website 7

Finally, could not be missing. It is a platform, owned by Google, useful for designing a blog completely free of charge. It offers different themes, all customizable. In addition, Blogger allows you to edit the CSS and HTML code of your Blog, thus ensuring maximum customization. In addition, being the property of the Mountain View giant, this perfectly SEO friendly platform, being able to benefit from greater dissemination of services and monetize through advertising with Google AdSense.

To get started, before relying on a professional, you can try one of these tools to create your personal or business web page for free. On the subject, I suggest you also read this article:

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