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How to control uTorrent with the android smartphone

The world's most popular torrent client uTorrent. This client has several strengths that have made him so popular in such a short time. First of all there is the lightness of the program, its size does not exceed seven hundred kb, another point in favor of this program is the possibility of being controlled remotely. This feature will be the subject of this article. Using an Android smartphone, a connection and an application, you can view the progress of your downloads, add new ones and remove those that are no longer useful. To remotely control the uTorrent you need, in addition to the program installed on your computer, one smartphone and creating a rule for the firewall so that the connection is not interrupted on the most beautiful.

There are two ways to check uTorrent remotely. The first one uses uTorrent Remote while the other uses uTorrent Web UI. The first method is certainly the simplest and affordable for all since all operations will be carried out by connecting to the remote utorrent site. The page contains three important elements: the link for online registration, the control panel to access the administration page and the link to google play where you can find the application for Android. So you need to register for free for later

In order for the process to be successful it is necessary to set the client installed on the computer. To do this you have to click on options then preferences and finally remote. By clicking on this item, options will appear. Check the enable box uTorrent for remote access then choose a name and password and click on apply. If the process is successful, the word Status: accessible should appear.

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