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How to control the PC from Android

How to control the PC from Android

PCs have become the multimedia center of the whole house, whether they are placed in the bedroom or placed in the living room (perhaps with a compact PC). But using mouse and keyboard in these scenarios is really very inconvenient! In this guide, I'll show you how you can control the PC from Android, avoiding to use keyboard and mouse but using your Android smartphone or tablet as a remote control for your PC. In this regard, you may also be interested in how to use the Android smartphone as a TV remote control.

In all cases we will have to install both the app on the mobile device and on the PC, so that the devices can "talk". All devices must obviously be connected to the same WiFi network.

Command your PC from Android

Unified Remote

In my opinion,the best app to control your PC from Android! Unified Remote offers you numerous personalized remote controls able to control a large number of PC programs (browser, Spotify, Windows Media Player, Kodi, Plex etc.). The available remote controls can be seen at the following link.

The first step to be able to control the PC from Android is to install the command server on the computer. Download the Unified Remote server executable for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Unified Remote for Windows (PC server)

On the page that opens, just press the button Latest Server to start the download of the server on the PC.control PC from AndroidOnce the file has been downloaded, install it on the PC; the program will automatically place itself in the system bar and start itself each time Windows is started.control the PC from Android 1Now you can install the Unified Remote app on your smartphone to control the PC from Android.The app is available for free with a few basic remote controls; to take advantage of this, a paid version is available (which I recommend buying with your eyes closed if you want to control your PC from Android).

DOWNLOAD | Unified Remote (Free, Android)

DOWNLOAD | Unified Remote Full (Paid, Android)

Once the app is installed on the device, start it to associate the PC where you downloaded the server a little while ago. A confirmation message will appear when you get the connection.

control the PC from Android 2

Now you can see all the remote controls offered by the app on the main screen.control the PC from Android 3The use of these remotes depends on what you need to do on your PC. In particular:

  • Basic Input: it allows to control the PC using the smartphone as if it were a touchpad and the keyboard of the device as if it were a PC keyboard.
  • File Manager: allows access to PC folders to open or move files and folders.
  • Keyboard: offers a keyboard to write in text fields.
  • Average: allows you to control multimedia applications.
  • Power: allows you to control PC shutdown or reboot.
  • Screen: allows remote control of the entire desktop.

By pressing the + button you can add new remote controls, such as the remote control for browsers, the remote control for Netflix and many other applications.

More apps to run the PC from Android

In addition to Unified Remote, there are other apps that you can use to control your PC from Android, some of which are completely free. Below is the list of alternatives:

Another interesting way to command a PC from afar is to use an internal Windows function, which allows you to control Windows PC remotely.