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How to connect PS4 and Xbox One controllers to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Make the controllers work PS4 is Xbox One on Nintendo Switch it can be something extraordinary for users particularly tied to the two home consoles par excellence.

Although quite different in fact, the two pads are highly appreciated by the related communities. Those who approach the Nintendo console, therefore, may find it extremely comfortable to be able to benefit from a controller to which they are already widely accustomed. Regardless of which of the two solutions you intend to adopt, you need to have a special adapter at hand.

It should also be taken into account that, as described in this article, it refers mainly to the official peripherals of the two platforms. However, Nintendo Switch also supports most third-party controllers.

Xbox One

PS4 and Xbox One controllers on Nintendo Switch? With an adapter possible!

Even if the Nintendo console can boast support for Bluetooth technology, it is always necessary to adopt an adapter to operate a native pad of another platform. In this sense, it must be said, Nintendo Switch offers for a wide choice. It is even possible to use a controller for GameCube(provided they are equipped with an adapter that allows it to connect with Wii U).

It must be said that, at the level of user feeling, the solution of adapting PS4 and Xbox One controllers to Nintendo Switch may not always be optimal. In fact, these are more suited to the use of classic games, simple platform games or, more generally, to retrogaming.

In any case, for a user now particularly attached to one of the two platforms, the temptation to rely on a special console can still be very strong.

How to connect a PS4 controller to the Switch

Anyone wishing to connect an official controller of their PS4 to the Switch must first obtain an adapter. Below we indicate how to proceed with one of the most popular products in this sense, namely the MAGIC-NS.


  • Disconnect the controller from the PS4 (if connected).
  • Place the Switch in the dock and turn it on.
  • Colleague Magic-NS at one of the doors USB Nintendo Switch.
  • Use controllers Joy-Con to reactivate the Switch, then press L + R to associate both devices to the console.
  • SelectSystem settings from the main screen.
  • Choose Controller and sensors, then select Pro Controller Wired Communication for activation
  • Select OK
  • Connect the PS4 controller to Magic-NS with a USB cable. The LED light on the controller should come on, indicating that it has been detected.
  • Hold down the black button on the top of the Magic-NS adapter until the light on the back starts to flash.
  • Press the button simultaneously PS and the button Share on the DualShock 4. The adapter should detect it automatically
  • At this point you can disconnect the PS4 controller from the adapter and use it wirelessly as if it were a Switch Pro controller.

How to use an Xbox One controller on Switch

Turning to the operations related to an Xbox One controller, there is no big difference as regards the configuration. Still using the same adapter, you must hold the pairing button on the Xbox One controller and simultaneously press the button on the adapter until the light Xbox LED starts flashing.

The buttons on the Xbox One controller are similar to Switch Pro. The only big difference is that you need to press View + Menu to acquire the coupling. In any case, we remind you that MAGIC-NS is supplied with a special guide that allows, in addition to completing the button mapping, to dispel any doubts regarding the aforementioned procedures.

The limitations you have with connecting PS4 and Xbox One controllers to Nintendo Switch

Like any other type of adapted peripheral, the controllers of these two consoles still have limitations when connected to the Nintendo Switch. For example, it is not possible to reactivate the Switch from sleep mode with a controller that is not a Nintendo native. In general terms, by using an excellent adapter, the experience at the level of the game should however be fluid and not present particular problems.