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How to configure Infostrada modem

How to configure Infostrada modem

Infostrada , without any doubt, one of the reference operators for the fixed telephony market in Italy with very interesting offers that stand out from the competition for an excellent quality / price ratio enhanced, for some months now, by the possibility of being able to exploit the fiber optic network , both in the FTTC variant and in the more performing FTTH variant.

mod_infos6 "width =" 600 "height =" 372 "srcset =" // 600w, // uploads / 2016/08 / mod_infos6-163x102.jpg 163w, // 150w, // uploads / 2016/08 / mod_infos6-300x186.jpg 300w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px "/> Once the subscription process for a new Infostrada offer has been completed and the line is activated, it will be necessary <strong>configure Infostrada modem</strong> which, in many cases, the operator grants free to its customers. Note that when the free Wi-Fi modem is not included in a promotion, the user can purchase the device from a third-party retailer or rent a modem provided by Infostrada. To check all the details on the Infostrada offers and find out when the Wi-Fi modem included in the rate you are interested in subscribing you can periodically consult the <strong>comparator of</strong> that will update in real time on all Infostrada news.</p><div class=

To configure the Infostrada modem, just follow a few simple steps which, once completed, will allow you to immediately take advantage of your ADSL connection or your new fiber optic network.

The first step to be performed is connect the Infostrada modem to the mains, using the cable supplied, and, if present, press the power button. To complete the installation of the bisogner device connect it to the home phone line and to your PC or laptop (using an ethernet cable).

You will need from the PC now access an Internet browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, and type in the top bar the IP address of your Infostrada modem. You can find out the exact IP address of your device from the instruction manual or from the information leaflet pasted below the device or by searching the web using the exact model of your modem as a keyword. In any case, most of these devices use one of the following codes as IP address: or

To access the control panel of your Infostrada modem you will now need to enter your username and password. Do not worry. Normally, these are generic values ​​set by default. You can enter to access the settings admin / admin or admin / password or again leave both fields empty and press ok.

To complete the configuration procedure of your Infostrada modem, if this does not happen automatically once you have logged in, you just need to go to the button Configure (or Setup) to proceed with the manual start of this configuration process. Once finished, your line will be ready for use. Make sure, in any case, that the data of your Infostrada modem are as follows:

In some cases, for certain subscriptions, the correct data could be these:

Once you have completed all the steps required to configure Infostrada modems, opening a web page should display a specific page that will confirm that your service has been registered.

Before using your Infostrada connection to its full potential, I recommend you to change your modem's Wi-Fi access password by going to the Settings menu above and replacing the default password with an alpha-numeric sequence of at least 20 characters. In this way, you will ensure the maximum security of your device and your network.