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How to configure email on iPhone and iPad

How to configure email on iPhone and iPad

configure email on iPhone and iPad

A new iPhone is incomplete without the configuration of an e-mail account. What makes the iPhone a great smartphone also because it turns out to be an excellent communication tool. With an email account on the device, this feature is made very efficient and useful for both business and leisure purposes. When you turn on an iPhone for the first time, you already find it pre-installed "Mail", Apple's e-mail application ready to meet your needs. But you will probably be in trouble about the procedure for configure email on iPhone and iPad, then we wrote this simple guide just for you.

How to set up email on an iPhone or iPad

We want to clarify immediately that the "Mail" app is not the best for those who have to work with emails, it has only the basic functions, sufficient for those who use this service non-professionally. But if you need more functionality to do with your e-mail, there are many other third-party e-mail applications that you can find on the App Store. We have already talked about this possibility in Guideitech and in this article you will find the best e-mail applications for iPhone.

If you have just purchased an iOS device and want to immediately receive emails on the new iDevice, but don't know where to start, below we will see a brief guide on how to configure email on the iPhone and iPad. If you specifically have a Hotmail email account, you may also be interested in how to add Hotmail accounts on an iPhone or iPad.

Procedure to add email accounts on the iPhone

It doesn't matter if you have a Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud account or an AOL account, iOS makes it really easy to add each of these accounts through the Application Settings. Once you've set up your account, you can start synchronizing all supported services like emails, calendars, contacts, notes and more. Let's see how.

Step 1: Open the app "Settings"And select"Mail".

add email accounts

Step 2: Click on "Account"And select"Add Account".

configure email

Step 3: Select the email service you want to set up the account from the list of available clients, which are generally the most used ones. In this example, I'm choosing the Google Gmail account.

Step 4: After clicking on the preferred client, to access the account you will be asked to enter your email and password already in your possession and click "Come on". If you have activated 2-factor authentication on the Google account, a page will appear to enter the security code.

add account

Step 5: Once your account is connected, you will be asked which services you wish to activate. From here the email account will be checked automatically. Optionally, you can choose to also enable synchronization of the calendar and account contacts.

Once all this is done, just open the application "Mail " and wait a while for all your emails to be synchronized. If there are many, you will have to wait a few hours.

Set frequency "Download new data"

One of the biggest problems that emerges using the mail application “Mail"With a Google account, which does not support push notifications. It means that the email is not notified to the user at the exact moment when the new email arrives. And by default, the method set to open emails manually, which means that you won't be able to see new emails until you manually open the application "Mail".

To set the frequency of time with which the app downloads emails from the server, proceed as follows. From the section "Mail"That you find in the app Settings, select the Google Gmail account you previously configured and click on "Download new data".

email on iphone

If you often receive important emails select "Every 15 minutes", That the most frequent option available. In practice, the mail application "Mail"Check every 15 minutes automatically if new e-mails arrive. We remind you that you always need to open the app to see the emails in "Incoming mail". This setting with such frequent time could have a negative effect on battery life. You can also choose the option "Hourly"If it is not important for you to become aware immediately of the arrival of a new email.

As you see not complicated to configure email on iPhone and iPad, in this Apple has really made life easy for those who have to receive email on its devices.

If you have a Virgilio email account it might be useful to know how to set up a Virgilio account on the iPhone.

If you have an Aruba mail account, in this guide you will find the procedure to configure Aruba mail on iPhone and iPad.