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How to clone Mac hard drives with the best software

How to clone Mac hard drives with the best software

clone Mac hard disk

Sometimes it is not enough to backup only your Mac files and folders, in some circumstances it is necessary to copy the entire hard disk. Usually a hard disk is cloned to keep the entire configuration safe in case of disk problems and you want to restore the entire configuration. This type of copying is defined as a clone of the hard disk that also includes the operating system and all Mac configurations. Not a simple operation and to do so we are helped by some third-party software. If you have this need and you have the patience to continue reading, I will show you two of the best methods to Clone Mac Hard Disk, that is, to create an identical copy BOOTABLE of the hard disk.

How to clone Mac Hard Drives

Even if you backup your Mac with Time Machine or some other method, you may also need to clone Hard Disk. The cloning phase produces a perfect duplicate of the internal disk, bootable from the Mac itself. If the main unit does not work, this method can become the only salvation.

There may be a number of good reasons to clone Hard Disk: for example, when to replace the hard disk or why you want a backup of the hard disk, to be used in case of emergency.

Methods to clone Mac hard drives

Among the different methods to clone Mac Hard Drives, these two software: SuperDuper! is Carbon CopyCloner they can be considered among the best. They are both popular and therefore verified software applications. If you need to clone your hard disk, then you need to know how these two software works. Here are the instructions for their use.

What do you need:

To start you will need a couple of things:

  • An external hard drive or a pendrive connected to the Mac.
  • The application SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner.

Furthermore, you need to prepare the new hard disk by formatting it with Disk Utility, an application already pre-installed on all Macs. Let's see how.

Prepare your clone using Disk Utility

  1. Double-click the Utility icon in the folder Applications -> Utility
  2. Click on the disk icon that corresponds to the external drive in the sidebar.
  3. Click on the tab Initialize.
  4. Make sure the selected format is Mac OS (Journaled)
  5. Click on the button Initialize
  6. Confirm the initialization procedure

clone Hard Disk of the Mac disk utilityIf the procedure was successful, you will see a new hard drive icon appear on the desktop.

Clone Mac's Hard Disk using SuperDuper!

  1. Double-click on the SuperDuper! App icon.
  2. If not already selected, select the Mac hard drive in the pop-up menu next to Copy.
  3. Select the destination hard drive in the pop-up menu (the hard drive must be the one just formatted).
  4. Make sure you've selected Backup – all files
  5. Click on the button Copy now.
  6. SuperDuper! ask for the administrator password to continue.

clone Mac hard disk superduper

SuperDuper! copy all the files to the new hard drive.

SuperDuper! allows you to create a clone of your Mac even if you don't register the product. If instead you choose to pay the registration fee of $ 27.95, you can unlock a number of additional useful features, such as programming, Smart Update, sandbox, scripts and more. In particular, Smart Update is really useful if you want to keep the clone updated, instead of having to duplicate it every time, to save time.

Clone Mac Hard Disk with Carbon Copy Cloner

  1. Double-click on the app icon Carbon Copy Cloner.
  2. Click on the pop-up menu Source and select the disk on which OS X is installed.
  3. Select the unit on which you want to copy the clone from the menu Destination.
  4. Click on the button Clone.
  5. Carbon Copy Cloner will give you the possibility to create a recovery partition on the destination drive. You can use integrated tools to create one if you wish (useful if you are building a replacement hard drive).

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As you can see, clone Mac Hard Drives a fairly simple operation. Once done, you'll get an exact copy of your Mac's internal hard drive. The two software are paid to download the trial version.