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How to clear one digit at a time on the iOS calculator

possible, even if the command is well hidden in the form of a gesture. It took a Twitter user benefactor to show it to everyone

Photo: Stefano Priolo / WiredPhoto: Stefano Priolo / Wired

Anyone who uses it regularly calculator Apple within the operating system iOs knows how useful it can be (like any alternative), but apparently lacking a function that for many can be vital: a screen command fordelete the last digit just entered. At first glance, the only way to correct a writing error in the app seems to be by pressing the button C is delete the whole number just composed: nothing too annoying when it comes to the simplest mathematical operations, but when the calculations include a dozen decimal numbers to be typed the situation makes you want to straighten your hair one by one. Well, according to the intervention on Twitter of a wise iOS user, it seems that Apple has actually inserted a special gesture for the event: by sliding your finger horizontally in fact, in the box containing the total sum, exactly the last digit is deleted, and nothing else.

In reality, the function present for centuries in the iOS calculator testify it to several micro tutorials scattered around the Net dating back to several years ago. Yet judging by the reactions obtained from the Tweet in question, it seems that a good slice of the Internet was still in the dark of the trick. Maybe the case that Apple introduces a special button.


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