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How to check if the apps work with iOS 11

How to check if the apps work with iOS 11

After updating the iPhone or iPad to iOS 10.3, when you go to open certain applications and games on the device, you will see a warning appear on the screen that the app must be updated to work with future versions of iOS. Then, in these cases it would be interesting to know how check if the apps work with iOS 11.

You can continue to use these apps with iOS 10, but if you intend to update your device to iOS 11 (which Apple has confirmed will be released in September this year), this is the time to check if the apps that are for you indispensable they will still be able to work with iOS 11. If you haven't done it yet and want to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 11 now, read our guide.

In anticipation of the official release of iOS 11, it would be interesting to find out how to check if the apps work with iOS 11. We may be interested in game apps but also productivity applications that will be your biggest concern if these apps are indispensable for your professional activity . If you wish to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 11 or purchase a new device with this pre-installed version, you will need to find ways to update them or find valid alternatives for these applications.

How to check if the apps work with iOS 11

No need to painstakingly open each application to find out which apps will be incompatible with the next version of iOS.

In addition to the warning when opening an app, iOS 10.3 can also show a list of all applications currently installed on your device and interested in this issue.

Remember, however, that you won't be informed about the apps you've deleted on your iPhone or iPad to make room for something else.

Therefore, before following the steps below and assuming that the device has enough space, update your current applications to see if they have already been updated: open App Store and click on "Updates" followed by "Buy"On an iPhone or an iPad.

If you have disabled the automatic download of apps in Settings> iTunes Store and App Store on any of your devices, you need to follow this tutorial on each device to make sure you don't overlook an application on your iPhone 7, but not on your iPad Pro.

You have to think about this: the modification of the 64-bit iPhone has been announced by Apple for many years to the developers and therefore you should ask yourself if you really want to continue using the application that hasn't been updated in so many years, since Apple started relocating on a 64-bit operating system.

If you have decided to see how to check if the apps work with iOS 11, follow the steps in this guide.

1. Check the list of incompatible apps

If going in Settings> General> Infoon your iPhone there is no arrow to the right of the line Applications, it means that none of your applications requires immediate action (although not guaranteed that they will not have other problems in iOS 11). If an arrow appears, then click on it.

2. Check for updates

Now you can see a list of applications that need attention, divided into lists of those with updates available and those without, so now it's time to correct them.

In the list of those with updates available, click on the name of an application concerned to access its Store page.

Once in the Store page you should see a button "Refresh". Download updates and check if iOS still reports the incompatibility of the app.

3. Search for new versions

If the application is no longer available, has no updates or is not resolved by updating it, check if an update available as a separate application: look for the developer's name in the App Store and search for something similar to the application you are looking for to update.

4. Ask the developer

Otherwise, contact the developer directly via his website if there are forecasts of an update or a replacement application.

5. Don't give up hope

If an application has been deleted, has not been updated for years or if the developer himself has stated that there are no forecasts to update it, it may be necessary to find an alternative.

6. Find alternative apps

If there is really no hope of an update for an application that is interesting for you, the good news is that the huge App Store and in most cases there will be valid alternatives that you can turn to.

Try searching for keywords that are relevant to your app. If a calendar, just search for "calendar" and you will find many to choose from. The alternatives may not have exactly the same appearance and features, but in most cases you should be able to find a decent replacement.